Why do you add neck work into your training?

Simple. Concussions. Strong neck, thick neck help prevent concussions. For us, we do a lot of neck work for predominantly those reasons, especially if you’re in contact sports, such as football, obviously, boxing, wrestling—doing neck work is important.

You have to think of your neck as a shock absorber. The stronger the neck is, the more it can withstand the whiplash. Therefore your brain is not gonna be jarred as much and then that will decrease the chances of you having a concussion on contact or on tremendous impact. That’s why we do a tremendous amount of neck work.

I believe wholeheartedly that enough neck work isn’t done or applied in a lot of training. I don’t know if it’s because a lot of people are saying neck bridges will hurt your neck and so and so forth. But from my experiences, when I’ve been growing up, I’ve seen tons of football players, wrestlers, boxers, thick necks, done by the tremendous amount of neck bridging.

For instance, I’ll use to wrestle when I was in high school, my cousin and I, we used to be able to do neck bridges in all different angles, no hands, moving all over around consistently. That was just like brushing our teeth. And I had a tremendous neck. He had a tremendous neck. My cousin was four, I think four-time champion in wrestling.

I think those are some of their forgotten foundational things. For us, we have iron neck and a lot of our athletes use it. That just supplements the basics. The meat and potatoes for us is neck bridges. We have a neck harness that we utilize to get that next strong.

So big, strong necks are important to prevent concussions. Cause there’s a plethora of concussions in a lot of sports, such as soccer. And even for females. Obviously, females don’t want big and strong necks, but if they’re in a contact sport, they have to get that shock absorber. It’s very paramount. It’s very important for you to do neck work.

So male or female in our gym, they use the iron neck, they do neck harness work and they also do neck bridging.

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