This basketball training program will get you jumping higher, quick feet, stronger in the paint, injury-free in 12-16 weeks.


  • Maximize Confidence
    Overcome challenges, become a better leader, be feared, and make better decisions.

  • Maximize Strength
    Become stronger, reach new levels of adaptation, elevate your skill work, and increase lean mass.

  • Maximize Speed & Explosiveness
    Maximal explosive power, faster foot speed, faster acceleration, and higher top velocity.

  • Maximize Resilience
    Stronger ligaments, balanced connected chain, be more durable, and master exercise proficiency.




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“I wish I had more time training here, and knew about LPS earlier. In the 12 weeks, I noticed myself jumping higher, I’m stronger when I’m going for rebounds, and I don’t get pushed around.”

– Lucas Nogueira, Toronto Raptors (NBA)


The Basketball Strength program is a custom-designed 12-16 weeks program consisting of a multi-phase approach, semi-private coaching with Master and Head coaches with access to a community of successful athletes.


The Basketball Strength program is for competitive to professional basketball players who wants a competitive unfair advantage, be injury-free, backed with a result-proven system that has worked for other successful basketball athletes.


The Basketball Strength program is done in-person at our facility 4 days per week, sometimes 2 sessions per day. Our high attention supervised coaching allows you to push boundaries safely to maximize performance.


After starting off with a structural assessment, our team will design a personalized program for you. The program and data collection will be in an App, and you will be training under our certified coaches’ supervision in-person.


The Basketball Strength program starts within 1 week after the initial assessment. Typically, we need 2-3 days to design your program, and it will be available on the App. You will be training under the supervision of our certified coaches.


We created the Basketball Strength program because elite basketball players need access to the best coaches, ideal environment, equipment, and proven systems that address high-risk deficiencies and maximize their athletic potential.



Consultation Call


The consultation meeting is done on a call or in-person. A certified coach will go over your history, goals, the process, and the results that you’re looking for to see if we’re the right fit for each other.

A black and white image of an athlete training at LPS Athletic Centre in North York.


We start with a structural assessment with a certified coach. This assessment identifies muscular imbalance and movement deficiency to helps us develop a program to increase performance.

An example of how easy it is to get into the intensive training program at LPS Athletic Centre.


You will have your own personalized program addressing your needs.  Your program and progress can be accessed digitally anywhere, and your data is shared with your coaches to further refine your program.

A in gym view of coach Clance working with athletes at LPS Athletic Centre.


Train under the supervision of a certified coach. Your coaches will help with your technique, loading progression, intensity to produce flexibility, mobility, stability, dexterity, power, speed, and strength.

An example of our intensive off-season training for professional and young athletes in North York ON at LPS Athletic Centre.


  • Access Anywhere
    It is like having the coach in your pocket.
  • Progression Data
    Easily track, see, and share your results with others.
  • Technique Mastery
    Detailed video explanation of how to properly perform each exercise.
  • Take Custom Notes
    Track all your notes and details for your coach to see.
  • Substitute Any Exercise
    Can’t perform an exercise? Easily adjust an exercise to stay on course.
  • Supportive Community
    Communicate & share messages, videos, pictures, meme, voice notes with your coach and other athletes.



200 | We start with a structural, movement & nutrition assessment. The results collected from this assessment (possible high-risk issues, weaknesses, and deficiencies) is the foundation for our team to put together a comprehensive plan to make you a dominant athlete.



800 | Coaching Up to 3x/wk
1000 | Coaching Unlimited
2000 | Master Coaching (Elite Level)
ASK | Master Coaching (Pro Level)

1-on-1 sessions available upon request


500 | Coaching Up to 2x/week



900 | Get a blueprint on your hormone profile, nutritional deficiencies, macro, and micronutrient requirements, and biohacking tips for your own peak performance state. Decrease body fat and improve body composition. 


120 | Massage Treatment
150 | Chiropractor Treatment



Our athletes become world-class versions of themselves on the ice, on the field, on the court, or in the boardroom. At LPS, we relentlessly create unfair advantages with personalized programming for our members so that they will dominate in their careers. Every single member gets results when they commit to our program. That’s our promise.

Become so good, they can’t ignore you.




P.K. Subban Hockey (NHL) Success Story
Izzy Goudros Heptathlon Success Story
Gordon Whyte Football Success Story
Kristyan Puyol Baseball Success Story
Wayne Moore (CFL) Football Success Story
Luca Rea Hockey (OHL) Success Story
LPS Athletic Centre
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larissa lehmann
larissa lehmann
01:03 21 Oct 21
There are a couple of things I like about LPS. First off the atmosphere is unreal. Training next to some of the top... athletes in Ontario creates an addicting energy while training; like there's no way you're going to be lazy when there are Olympians, pro footballers, and top track stars snatching 300lbs next to you. You immediately rise to their level.Secondly, the gym culture. There's a standard of excellence that sets the tone. It's very clear the intention: you want to be the best you gotta train like the best. The staff is amazing. As high as the standard is, everyone is so kind and helpful and all anyone wants for you is to succeed and it's very clear in the way they coach and treat you.The biggest difference from other gyms is LPS’s scientific knowledge for developing athletes.So many other gyms do not know how to properly build their athletes without injuring them. I’ve found other gyms focus more on gimmicks, and they lack the principles behind true athletic development such as making athletes do single-legged exercises on a balance ball with a kettle ball which is huge for injury. The majority of gyms lack the foundation and understanding behind true athletic development.LPS is the gym I constantly compare others to. And none have lived up to my standard of LPS. I know if want to be a top athlete, LPS is the only choice.read more
Kevin Y
Kevin Y
00:40 17 Oct 21
If anyone wants to become stronger, faster, and more explosive, gain some mental strength. Lps is the right place!
lexi pollard
lexi pollard
18:21 26 Sep 21
I am a professional volleyball player and LPS has been my favourite off season in my 13 years of training for this... sport. I spent my first summer at LPS these past few months, and I reached a new level of strength, flexibility and mental toughness I’ve never tapped into before stepping into this gym. The coaches are the most knowledgeable, supportive and caring group of people and really want you to succeed as an athlete. If you train here and put in the work required you WILL see some crazy results I can guarantee.read more
Chris Quizi
Chris Quizi
00:48 24 Aug 21
Absolutely love LPS. Made me a much better athlete and person in the short period of time I have been going. Gained... strength and fundamentals with the great coaching. I highly recommend LPS to anyone who wants to maximize there potential.read more
Abbas Ali Khan
Abbas Ali Khan
15:11 22 Aug 21
LPS provides the highest quality of strength and athletic training. They know how to build athletes.
joshua caloiero
joshua caloiero
13:25 22 Aug 21
Just from the last month LPS has gotten me more Stronger, Explosive and most importantly mentally strong. I believe... that if you are not mentally strong you will not be able to overcome the hard obstacles in your life. Just by going to this gym has made me a better athlete and a better human.read more
L Kelly
L Kelly
13:40 06 Jun 21
This place is amazing! The professionalism of the trainers and management team is second to none! My son has learned so... much in the year that he has been training there! Everything they do is proper and the right way! The results is a totally different story! Their on a level of their own! We tried other trainers and gyms. Nothing touches this place hands down!read more
18:38 22 Feb 21
Top tier environment, even better people inside helping athletes of all ages reach their full potential. Only being at... LPS for 2 months helped me regain plus enhance my own athleticism and more. Coming here is a joyful, fun, energized, focused, hungry, determined and passionate community of the best athletes. Working with LPS with make you grow into the athlete you've always envisioned and shape you into an even better person in life.read more
Jackson Millen
Jackson Millen
14:27 07 Nov 20
Overall great environment. Excellent trainers who push you to reach your goal(s) and offer great advice about fitness,... nutrition, etc. Would recommend to anyone who is serious about getting strongerread more
Heather Claus
Heather Claus
22:03 03 Nov 20
"My kid loves it.Top Programming and decent coaches. Being in the industry myself environment is everything for these... kids"read more
K Hyms
K Hyms
15:41 18 Sep 20
I was so happy to find LPS after having ACL reconstruction last year. I was recovering well but not seeing the results... I needed. After reaching out their response was quick, professional, and optimistic. I started my program with LPS in February and did a full month and a half before the Covid lockdown. In that short span of time I saw more results in my leg strength than I had seen in the prior 2 months of my recovery where I had focused on solely regaining muscle. Beyond the physical improvements the team at LPS helped me regain my mental strength and confidence. Being injured as an athlete is very difficult but the community they have built at LPS is truly empowering and I cannot thank them enough for getting me through such a tough time.read more
Rey Chavo
Rey Chavo
07:29 04 May 20
Amazing Staff! Great facilities, really work hard with you to help you reach any goals.
Clement Kwok
Clement Kwok
00:18 19 Apr 20
Awesome gym! Well staffed and always plenty of professionals available to help you with your workout. In addition to... being clean and organized, I would recommend LPS to everyone!read more
Roman Kondrachov
Roman Kondrachov
23:26 18 Apr 20
This is the best Strength & Conditioning Facility in Toronto. If you want to optimize your athletic performance, make... it to a pro level at sports, or simply improve physical quality of your life... - LPS is the place to go to. The coaches here are knowledgeable and highly experienced in their respective fields. The training is definitely hard, but it certainly makes one a better athlete. The atmosphere is intense because everyone strives to better themselves. Most importantly LPS is a community. There is a strong sense of support and encouragement among the people here. I would highly recommend working with LPS, because it will make you better.read more
King .
King .
03:15 18 Apr 20
Great facility, the coaches are professional, knowledgeable, with patience but loving toughness. In only two months my... strength has increased a lot and the way I move on the field has improved a ton thanks to the Athlete Activation System (AAS) program and given me the confidence that I’ll be able to dominate in the next level. In addition, the energy at LPS is upbeat, inviting and positive. Of course, I think Coach Laylor is the best trainer out there but all of the coaches are amazing and will help you reach your goals.read more
Orion Edwards
Orion Edwards
18:38 17 Apr 20
I feel that LPS has the atmosphere for success, and great family environment. You guys analyze people’s goals and help... them go out and crush them.read more
philippe edmonds
philippe edmonds
18:53 16 Dec 19
My experience at LPS has blown me away. I am very impressed and pleased with the training, the knowledge, the results I... am seeing and experiencing, as well as the immense sense of community and family within the gym! It is an all round healthy wholesome place to be in.read more
Jim Wyatt
Jim Wyatt
23:49 09 Nov 19
LPS is amazing!. Professional, attentive and the gym environment is incredibly supportive and friendly. I'm a little... north of middle aged, very stiff with poor flexibility.The range of motion I have now compared to when I began is unbelievable. I can't say enough about how much they're helping me. LPS isn't just for high performing athletes, they're great for the average person looking for a better quality of life.read more
Lachen Reid
Lachen Reid
22:20 27 Oct 19
Clance, Mark, and Jeremy are the definition of professionalism. Their knowledge, teaching, organization, and... communication are elite and just as good or better as any other trainers I’ve worked with. I highly recommend training with LPS. I’ve gotten stronger, faster, and much more knowledgeable about strength and conditioning through working with them.read more
Nalae Yang
Nalae Yang
14:45 31 Jul 19
LPS is a place where anyone thinking of reaching the next level should be. I trained many different ways to get... stronger and be more focused on reaching higher goals with performance and I have not found anything better than here. Coaches here are always helpful and caring of their athletes and trainees. Coaches and athletes here care about what I think matters the most, effort and hard work. This is no comparison to any other commercial gyms. They have the right environment and coaches who are very dedicated to developing athletes. Even if you’re someone just wanting to get in shape, if your focus is there this is the right place for you.read more
Gord Koyama
Gord Koyama
16:39 23 Jul 19
When I first heard about LPS I was skeptical – I’ve never done any weight training, gaining all my exercise by playing... multiple sports: Golf, tennis, hockey, basketball and cross country skiing. But I’m 55 now, and I could tell my body was starting to break down. I had pain in my knees, and would wake up aching. So much so that descending a stair case could be difficult at times. I wondered to myself if this is just how it is when you get older. It turns out I was dead wrong! I’ve been going to LPS since February, and I’ve never felt better. Clance and his team provide the right level of motivation without making you feel pressured, and if you put in the time you get the results: No more aches and pains, stairs are a breeze. I’m stronger, have much better flexibility and it’s paying off in every sport I play. Longer off the tee, more agile on the tennis courts, better endurance in hockey. I would highly recommend LPS to anyone who is wants to keep the edge on your fellow competitors.read more
Theo Drake
Theo Drake
23:19 12 Jul 19
Amazing facility, trainers, and environment. If your goal is to become a high level athlete , regardless of your sport,... Clance Laylor and the rest of the coaches will facilitate there time and energy getting you there.read more
John @ Wholesale Innovations
John @ Wholesale Innovations
22:55 21 Mar 19
I love the environment, support and results! My muscles and joints feel so much stronger and healthier. I have lost a... considerable amount of body fat (now in a healthy athletic range) and my strength and endurance is constantly improving. Just feels like the perfect system to become the very best version of yourself.read more
Jeremy Choi
Jeremy Choi
13:00 06 Feb 18
Trained at LPS for 2 Seasons for my Golf game. In such a short amount of time, I am now able to hit my drives past... 300Y. Not only that, I am also able to jump and grab a basketball rim, and I'm only 170cm (5'7 roughly). These guys know what they are doing when it comes to Athlete Performance.read more
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  • A complete assessment identifying high risk deficiencies ($250 in value)
  • Custom designed training plan by a Master Coach ($800 in value)
  • Blueprint to the International Elite Athlete Strength Standards ($500 in value)
  • Supervised training with Master/Head Coach ($20,000+ in value)
  • Exclusive access to the community of athletes (Priceless)
  • VIP+ access to future events, webinars, and member content ($2500 in value)




Become a real unstoppable Monsta™!