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Our athletes (ages 8-68) become world-class versions of themselves on the ice, on the field, on the court, or in the boardroom. We are committed to relentlessly creating unfair advantages for our members so that they are unstoppable in the pursuit of their dreams. LPS Transforms Athletes into Monstas™

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“LPS Athletic Centre is a big reason why my game is where it’s been for the past couple of years… Back to the short (2012-13 lockout) season when I won the Norris Trophy, I remember how I felt that year and every year since then. It’s probably made the biggest difference in my career.”

– P.K. Subban, NJ Devils (NHL)

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In our 12+ years in business, every single member gets results when they commit to our program. That’s our promise.

We’re all-in invested into your success towards your true goals.

We will never give up on you. All you have to do is show up.

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“Since training at LPS, baseball wise, I’ve felt a lot more flexible through defense, through my swing, my throwing arm has felt a lot of gains, a lot more effortless, better velocity with my throws, and overall, just felt like a more complete baseball player.”

– Malik Collymore, Cincinnati Reds Organization

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Jim Wyatt
Jim Wyatt
23:49 09 Nov 19
LPS is amazing!. Professional, attentive and the gym environment is incredibly supportive and friendly. I'm a little north of middle aged, very stiff with poor flexibility. The range of motion I have now compared to when I began is unbelievable. I can't say enough about how much they're helping me. LPS isn't just for high performing athletes, they're great for the average person looking for a better quality of life.read more
Lachen Reid
Lachen Reid
22:20 27 Oct 19
Clance, Mark, and Jeremy are the definition of professionalism. Their knowledge, teaching, organization, and communication are elite and just as good or better as any other trainers I’ve worked with. I highly recommend training with LPS. I’ve gotten stronger, faster, and much more knowledgeable about strength and conditioning through working with them.read more
Nalae Yang
Nalae Yang
14:45 31 Jul 19
LPS is a place where anyone thinking of reaching the next level should be. I trained many different ways to get stronger and be more focused on reaching higher goals with performance and I have not found anything better than here. Coaches here are always helpful and caring of their athletes and trainees. Coaches and athletes here care about what I think matters the most, effort and hard work. This is no comparison to any other commercial gyms. They have the right environment and coaches who are very dedicated to developing athletes. Even if you’re someone just wanting to get in shape, if your focus is there this is the right place for you.read more
Gord Koyama
Gord Koyama
16:39 23 Jul 19
When I first heard about LPS I was skeptical – I’ve never done any weight training, gaining all my exercise by playing multiple sports: Golf, tennis, hockey, basketball and cross country skiing. But I’m 55 now, and I could tell my body was starting to break down. I had pain in my knees, and would wake up aching. So much so that descending a stair case could be difficult at times. I wondered to myself if this is just how it is when you get older. It turns out I was dead wrong! I’ve been going to LPS since February, and I’ve never felt better. Clance and his team provide the right level of motivation without making you feel pressured, and if you put in the time you get the results: No more aches and pains, stairs are a breeze. I’m stronger, have much better flexibility and it’s paying off in every sport I play. Longer off the tee, more agile on the tennis courts, better endurance in hockey. I would highly recommend LPS to anyone who is wants to keep the edge on your fellow competitors.read more
Theo Drake
Theo Drake
23:19 12 Jul 19
Amazing facility, trainers, and environment. If your goal is to become a high level athlete , regardless of your sport, Clance Laylor and the rest of the coaches will facilitate there time and energy getting you there.read more
John @ Wholesale Innovations
John @ Wholesale Innovations
22:55 21 Mar 19
I love the environment, support and results! My muscles and joints feel so much stronger and healthier. I have lost a considerable amount of body fat (now in a healthy athletic range) and my strength and endurance is constantly improving. Just feels like the perfect system to become the very best version of yourself.read more
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“Before I was training at LPS, I wasn’t really doing anything. I would just go into the gym without a real plan. Since being at LPS, I’ve been faster, definitely stronger, and my endurance level has gone up, and my overall physique changed.”

– Fabion Foote, Montreal Alouettes (CFL)

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