Gordon Whyte – Football Training Success Story

“My name’s Gordon Whyte, I play football out at Saint Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia and I play middle linebacker.

My results have just been unreal, not only just the weight and working out aspect to it, but also the on-field aspect, just in every aspect of life. I think I came into the gym at about 250 pounds, slow, a little bit chubby, and I’m coming out more conditioned then ever and ready to take on whoever comes up next.

I was trained before just at my school gym at Saint Mike’s, but not really under anyone, just kind of on my own, trying to get into it and I never really started training to this extent until I got here. Clance just right away, I think three weeks in I was hating this place, being like, “I can’t do this anymore, like I don’t know if I’m going to survive.” But he keeps push you and you and then you have guys around you pushing you to just go to limits you never thought you had.

Oh, the culture here is like no other. Especially in the summer, you come in, you have your group of members for the summer program and some of them play hockey, some of them play soccer, some of them play tennis. There’s all these different sports, but we’ve kind of all into one program. Obviously with different things for your different sport, but it’s just such a team culture. You have everyone, whenever you’re maxing, you’ve got guys around you pushing you. When you’re feeling like quitting, you have guys saying, “Come on, let’s go. Keep it up, keep it up.”

You’re just always around people, so it’s not like you’re on your own, dying of sweat and all that stuff. You have people all around you doing the same thing, so it helps you get through everything a lot better.

I actually heard about LPS through my dad. In grade 11, he works at Lennard’s Commercial Real Estate downtown Toronto with Andrea Kraus, who has been a long time member here and she was the one who actually reached out to my dad and said, “I think your son would really benefit from this in the long run, wanted to go on to the next level, it’s the perfect place for you and it’s the perfect place for you to work hard and find teammates for the summer.”

For younger kids in football, coming to a gym like this is just like everything you need at a young age because it not only benefits you on the field and in the gym, with getting stronger, but in life it also helps you to push yourself to not cut corners, do the work that needs to be done to get where you want to go, ’cause if you have a dream, the dream isn’t going to happen by doing nothing and that’s what they start out here by doing, is like constant hard work with your team, pushing each other, pushing yourself to limits that you need to go farther in life and yeah, just basically start off …

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You gotta surround yourself with the right people at a young age, so you can start off early. ‘Cause a lot of people get into football a little late and they miss a lot of time in their life where they could be benefiting and be at a higher level as they get older and older, so I think it’s smart to surround yourself with an environment like this especially.”

– Gordon Whyte, Football Player


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