Izzy Goudros – Heptathlon & Weightlifting Training Success Story

“Hi, my name’s Izzy. I’m 14 years old. I do track and field. I’m a sprinter and hurdler. And I’ve been weightlifting for six years.

My dream is to first of all to go to the US, hopefully on a scholarship for a university and my larger dream is to go to the Olympics and compete for either the Heptathlon or the hurdles.

I heard about LPS through my dad. He’s known Clance for many years and both of his daughters did weightlifting. So we came and checked it out and we’ve been doing it since then.

For the first few years I was a bit nervous to tell people. I thought they would think it was a bit odd that I was eight and I was weightlifting.

But recently I’ve been a bit more open about it and now I enjoy doing it a lot.

After I started weightlifting my numbers definitely started to improve.

I got a lot faster and it’s definitely given me an advantage at the track.

For example, in the 200m over the past month it’s improved by over a second after I started training heavier at LPS.

At the provincials recently, two weeks ago I got three golds, which I was really happy about. I tied the provincial record in hurdles and they just keep getting faster and faster and my rankings keep going up.

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LPS is definitely an energetic environment. You’re always encouraged to do your best. Everyone here is really motivating. It’s very respectful here.

And Clance definitely has a great passion for weightlifting and you’ll see it every time you train.

You’re always like motivated to do your best because you see athletes around you training really heavy.

For younger athletes, I tell them that they have to put in the work because they’re not going to get the results they want unless they’re willing to do all the work.

Definitely to try out something like weightlifting. It’s definitely helpful. And I think they’d really enjoy it.”

– Izzy Goudros

2019 Athletics Ontario Provincial Finals – 200m (Lane 5)


2018 Ontario OFSAA Outdoor Provincial Championships Hurdles Finals


2018 Ontario OFSAA Outdoor Provincial Championships 200m Finals

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