P.K. Subban Hockey Dryland Training Success Story

“Hey, guys. It’s P.K. Subban here.

This summer was the first year that I participated in the Athlete Activation System program that was put together by Clance Laylor.

Now that I’m 45 games into the season, I can talk about the differences that I’ve seen in my game and the differences that it’s made for me in a positive way on the ice, in terms of, my explosiveness and how long I can sustain that power and strength on the ice.

I think that if I continue to do this program like I’ve been doing during the season, as well as in the offseason, I know that it’s going to continue to make a difference in my game.

You could just see the difference between myself and other athletes especially in back to back game situations being able to bring that same level of intensity.

Like I said, that sustained strength and speed every shift is the biggest difference, in my opinion, between the great players and the good players in the league.

I’m looking forward to this offseason again of doing the Athlete Activation System program once again.”


“LPS is a big reason why my game is where it’s been for the past couple of years… Back to the short (2012-13 lockout) season when I won the Norris Trophy, I remember how I felt that year and every year since then. It’s probably made the biggest difference in my career.”

– P.K. Subban, Nashville Predator