What You Need to Improve Your Gut Health

Hi, my name is Sebastian. I’m the LPS nutritional coach. Today, I wanna talk about the importance of gut health—one of the most, I would say underlooked at things in our society, and it’s also one of the main areas where most people need help on and it creates a lot of health problems, including athletes.

The importance of gut health cannot be overstated. It’s the processing center for all of our nutrients and it all stems from the lifestyle choice to make, as well as the nutritional choices we make. The number one thing I would say that affects gut health is consuming too many vegetable oils or cooking with vegetable oils. It has a very negative effect on nutrient absorption tends to affect how we feel mentally, amongst many other things, including hormones. The other thing is taking ibuprofen or consuming carbohydrates, more specifically refined carbohydrates, and that affects our microbiota.

As a species, we’ve gotten away from tried and true methods that ensure optimal health. One of those things is fermenting our foods or eating foods that are more local, we tend to eat foods that travel, we tend to eat more sterile foods. For that reason, our gut health and our microbiota diversity decrease. When our diversity decreases, we are more susceptible to different kinds of illnesses, as well as our performance suffers.

So a few tips that you can follow today to help you improve your gut health is first and foremost, to incorporate some kind of fermented food in your diet on a daily basis. Quantity is not as important as quality and diversity.

When I say fermented foods, what do I mean by that? Well, fermented foods include things like sauerkraut, kimchi, beet Carrabbas, or fermenting your own vegetables. What if you can master some of these basic techniques, you can ensure that your body’s response to nutrition will improve.

Definitely minimize the use of pharmaceuticals, such as ibuprofen. Consuming homemade bone broths will greatly improve the integrity of your intestine and your gut, which means that your appetite will be healthier and your body’s ability to absorb nutrients also improves.

The gut is connected to every organ in the body. It is truly one of those areas that punch above its weight class. If you follow some of these steps for the next few weeks, you’ll become a better athlete, much happier, and in the end, you’ll have much more success with your nutritional programs as well as your coaching programs.

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