Steve Vitorino – Executive & Athlete (Football) Success Story

“Hi, my name’s Steve Vitorino. I’ve been at LPS since January.

When I first got here, I did my assessment with coach Mark. The main focus was definitely getting on a diet.

Since I went on the diet, I’ve lost 40 pounds. I definitely want to lose more and that’s the journey right now. With Clance’s help, and Mark’s help, and Jeremy’s help, I’ve been able to achieve that.

Every time I go out with my friends, they tell me every time they see the results every week. They barely recognize me some days. We go to restaurants and they’re looking at me, and I’m like,

“What are you guys looking at?” They’re like, “I can’t even recognize you anymore. I can’t look at you anymore.”

So it’s definitely encouraging, seeing the results every week that you get from coming to LPS and as I’m losing weight, my strength is also going up.

Which, I’ve never been to a gym that can do that. Which is very … and I’ve been to gyms in Mississauga, been to gyms in downtown Toronto, and this is the only gym that people always want to lose weight and to get stronger.

And it’s the only gym I’m been to where I can personally, honestly tell you that I’ve lost weight and as I’m losing weight I’m also getting stronger.

Personally, my number one aspiration is to get on that board right there. That’s a double body weight squat, so that’s… the first day I walked in here, I asked what that board was, and it’s definitely my aspiration to get there.

The double weight, but I would like to be able to squat 500 pounds and I’m on my way getting there. Slowly, every day.

This is one of the only gyms where you can literally see improvement every day, and every day I come here I improve and I see I’m getting better on my lifts.

So the ultimate goal is to get on that for double body weight. Hopefully that’ll be a 400 pound squat by the time my weight loss is done.

But ultimately, my ultimate goal is to be able to squat 500 pounds, maybe more. That’s definitely one of my goals.

What I feel that makes LPS different is the over delivery with Clance and coach Mark.

I feel like people come in here and they have an expectation and I had an expectation as well. But Clance and Mark over delivered. I feel like for what you get here is so much more than you get from anywhere else.

The nutrition part of it, the coaching part of it.

Clance is always watching and always wants you to improve. Mark’s always there watching you. It’s not like they just come in here and they just tell you what to do and then they walk off and they check their phones.

Clance always, always watching and Mark is always, always watching, which is so encouraging to see at gyms where they care so much.

Speaking with coach Clance and coach Mark, they just tell you their life’s mission in this gym is to help you get better. They are so happy when they see guys get better and you can just tell when you hit a big lift and Mark and Clance are so happy for you.

It’s so encouraging. Just seeing them be happy for your results is also sort of so encouraging as well.

Because every gym I’ve been to it’s also very repetitive. And at LPS, Clance always keeps your body guessing and … which is good, because you can see the experience that Clance has and he’s not like, as you can see, a paper personal trainer.

Where he doesn’t just get a certificate online and he just tells you he’s a personal trainer. You can see the years and years and years of him travelling and learning new techniques and applying it to his clients and his athletes, which is very encouraging to see. It’s amazing to see that.

A person like Clance cares so much about his athletes. You can be a CFL player. You can be in the NHL. Everybody gets treated equally here.

If you’re a beginner or you’re experienced, it’s all the same here. LPS with clients, and coach Mark.

I’ve been around, like I said before, to a couple gyms where it gets repetitive, and I seen LPS online. I was always being kind of timid to come here, and then one of my … one of the people I coached in high school, he came here and I was playing football against him.

I can just feel his explosiveness and his power when I was playing against him. I’m like, “I wonder how he’s so strong?”

Then I see on the social media one day that he came here, and I took the jump. I emailed him, and I emailed LPS and Jeremy reached out and he was so welcoming on the phone, it made me feel so welcome.

Then I came for my assessment.

Then I seen everybody training. I’m like … and I seen everybody just get better and I knew this was the place I wanted to be and I knew I made the right decision coming here.

If you’re on the fence about LPS man, honestly just pull the trigger and just come. Come in and just check it out and you’ll be so impressed by the facility, by coach Clance, coach Mark. And you can just see guys in here working.

You can see there’s young kids in here working every day and they’re just getting better. Their flexibility is getting better. Their strength is getting better.

And all the guys, everybody’s so welcoming. I speak with the younger guys. The younger guys speak with the older guys.

Everybody’s just a big family here, and we welcome everybody here. I feel like I’m welcome.

I can talk about my personal life with guys here, or with coaches here. I could talk about anything I want with these guys, and I just recommend anybody that’s on the fence.

Like, if you’re watching this video, and you’re on the fence about LPS, come to LPS. It’ll be the best decision you’ll ever make.”

– Steve Vitorino, Executive & Athlete