LPS & LSE Strategic Partnership


TORONTO, ON (June 25th, 2020) — LPS Athletic Centre (“LPS”), the leading Canadian athletic training centre and the founders of the first and only Canadian strength & conditioning certification announced that it has strategically partnered with Live Sports & Entertainment (“LSE”), a premier boutique sports agency focused on representing, managing and advising professional hockey players to expand their presence in North America and Europe through various amateur, junior, collegiate and professional leagues and associations.

Through this strategic partnership, LPS and LSE will provide hockey athletes with a competitive advantage of strength, power, speed and durability. Hockey players represented by LSE globally will have access to the most powerful programs in-person and online to make them dominant hockey players both academically and athletically on and off the ice.

Live Sports & Entertainment

Live Sports & Entertainment Partnership – Jeremy Choi, Harkie Singh, and Clance Laylor

“It’s been a long time coming, and finally we have found someone that we trust to work with,” said Jeremy Choi, CEO of LPS Athletic Centre. “It’s clear that both our visions align in what we want to do for the community and this strategic partnership allows for us to work with athletes who aspire to be the best in class.”

“Within my 20 years of professional experience in the hockey industry, it’s always been my dream to build a network of the best experts in their fields,” said Harkie Singh, President of Live Sports and Entertainment, NHLPA certified agent. “That’s why this partnership with LPS is going to be a game-changer for my present and future players.”

“Jack of all trades, master of none.” said Master Strength Coach Clance Laylor, “That’s why this strategic partnership is important to us because we’re bringing together passionate leaders that are masters of their craft. Harkie previously worked with the New York Islanders and Vancouver Canucks. He has traveled around the world, evaluated players and represents them in the NHL. His dedication to his players is second to none from what I’ve experienced.”

About LPS Athletic Centre

Since 2005, LPS Athletic Centre has been a Strength & Conditioning facility dedicated to elite, Olympic and professional athletes. They relentlessly create unfair advantages for athletes so that they dominate.

To learn more about LPS, please visit www.lps.fit

About Live Sports and Entertainment

LSE is a premier boutique sports agency focused on representing, managing and advising professional hockey players and their families around the world with the highest standards of service, counsel and expertise.

To learn more about Live Sports and Entertainment, please visit www.lseagency.com

Live Sports & Entertainment

Live Sports & Entertainment Partnership with LPS Athletic