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Jeremy Choi

Jeremy Choi, Partner & Member Success

A father, husband, entrepreneur, mentor, and an irredeemable golf addict. Possibly like you, Jeremy’s big hairy audacious goal is to make a positive dent in this world.

In 2008, LPS Athletic Centre was a client of Jeremy’s company developing the brand and marketing. In 2016, in efforts to grow the business, Clance made Jeremy a partner in the business. Jeremy strategically oversees the brand and finance of the business.

Jeremy currently serves as the CEO of WPUP Inc., and he actively sits on the board of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, and the Global Technology Committee of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization – the world’s largest community of Entrepreneurs.

His purpose is to use creativity and organizational skills to lead & inspire others to focus on becoming the best at what they do.

In his blog, he shares his experience in entrepreneurship & leadership. These ideas are his experiences living & learning through his core values of:

  • Health – I get to take care of myself first, to give me the strength to take care of those around me.
  • Integrity & Authenticity – I get to be real and live by my words because trust is the only currency that’s worth anything.
  • Freedom – I get to live this ONE wild and precious life.

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