Latoya Ward – Mother – Executive Personal Training Success Story

“My name’s Latoya Ward.

Currently I’m on maternity leave.

I had a daughter seven months ago but other than that, I work for State Street financial institution in Toronto.

Previous to LPS I was training at GoodLife. Then I went to LPS three years ago. Well no, two years ago.

Found out I was pregnant, had to stop and then recently started training back a month ago.

In the month that I’ve been training with LPS, I’ve seen a lot of results.

My clothes fit better.

I’m not afraid to look in the mirror after just being a new mom, and I see more muscle definition coming in.

The culture at LPS, I love it.

Everybody’s welcoming but yet it’s still challenging. It forces you to push yourself because you’re working out with people who, well training with people who are real athletes so it pushes you just to go that extra step and it’s the best workout that I’ve had in years.

For new moms or even moms that had a baby a year ago, two years ago, you have to find time for yourself.

I would recommend LPS because the environment is very challenging but yet rewarding.

You don’t get instant results but you’ll get results that will last and you feel good when you go home. You have a lot of energy for your kids.”

– LaToya Ward, Mother