Kari Pinnock – Executive Personal Training Success Story

“Hi. My name is Kari Pinnock. I’m a health and physical education teacher with the Toronto Catholic District School Board. I’ve been training at LPS since 2014.

Being a health and physical education teacher, I’m really into health and fitness, and when I moved back to Toronto, I was looking for a place that I could go and get a quick workout in and see results.

I didn’t want to be a part of a big-box fitness center, and LPS was the place that I was recommended to.

I come into LPS, or in the gym itself, about three times a week. I’m in the gym every day at work, but for my personal fitness, I’m here usually Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and the odd Saturday, depending on commitments, but I definitely try to make it in three times a week in order to see those gains.

Here at LPS I find that it’s an environment that is very friendly and welcoming. Hard work gets done here.

Everyone seems to be a family and really pushes one another to get results.

I love coming in here and having conversations with some of the professional athletes and even some of the younger students that come in here and just seeing everybody’s gains and progressions.

The program that they use here is fantastic. Even if I miss a session and I’m at work or I’m traveling, the program, I can take it anywhere with me, and clients can see my progressions and make adjustments based on the numbers that I put in.

So it’s definitely you don’t always have to come in here. It’s portable and your program’s designed specifically for you, which I love.

Since I’ve come to LPS, I’ve been great. I had back and knee issues when I first came here, and they have definitely gone away.

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You know, as you get older, things break down, but you definitely need to put in the work to see the results, and if you put in the work here at LPS you’ll definitely see the results, and mine have been tremendous.

If you’re thinking about getting into fitness and really wanting to take care of yourself, now is the time. There’s no time like the present. Don’t put anything off.

If you want to see results and you don’t really have a lot of time in terms of spending two, three hours at a gym and going to different classes, coming to LPS you definitely get that attention that you need and that are towards your specific body type, and you get to see the results if you put in the work.”

– Kari Pinnock, Teacher