“You don’t have to fit to my program, I will fit my program to suit you”

LPS coaching and techniques are unique and tailored to meet my personal needs and goals and their trainincoverrs not only workouts but nutritional coaching as well. He helped me set and reach goals, he watches my every move to make sure I’m doing everything correctly, provides great support and encouragement to motivate me when I need it.

LPS’s energy, enthusiasm, dedication, knowledge, passion for making people reach their goals is incredibly motivating.


He has enough motivation for both of us and he pushes me to the limits that I didn’t know existed and he always has faith in me, sometimes more than I do.

My experience with Fumbi can be summed up in one word-RESULTS!

My hopes were to lose several pounds, overall better health and increase self-confidence. In just one month of training at LPS, we were able to achieve every one of these goals and more:

  • Getting stronger each day ✓
  • Shed 7lbs in three weeks ✓
  • Muscle definition ✓
  • Feeling healthier ✓
  • Energized ✓
  • Straighten posture ✓
  • Increased self-confidence ✓
  • No more back pain ✓
  • J-Lo’s butt…SOON



To see and FEEL how much I progressed in training with LPS is a very powerful feeling.

I have gained much more than just increasing my fitness…and it looks like I just started a lifestyle and a journey with no expiration date!!!

Gordana Bjelica