Cody Morgan – Hockey Training Success Story

“My name’s Cory Morgan, I play for the Windsor Spitfires of the OHL and I’ve been playing hockey since I was four years old, so that will be 13 years. The results have been, compared to last summer which was my first summer, this year they’ve been off the charts. I’m stronger, I’m faster, I feel better on the ice and in the gym so I’m very happy with my results.

I started playing hockey because my cousin used to play in the Ontario Hockey League and he wore number 28 and he passed away in a car accident, so I wear number 28 to remember him and he’s the guy who pretty much got me started in hockey.

Before I was training at LPS, I was training at a couple of other gyms that I was just kinda in and out of, but now that I’m at LPS, I’m very happy that I’m here. The culture here is very good, it’s very welcoming. I felt very welcomed as soon as I got here, and it’s been unreal.

The difference between this gym and other gyms is probably the intensity and how fast, well not fast I guess, but how you can really see the results at this gym I guess. And that’s all I can say from personal experience for me; I can see the results better than different gyms, I feel better and more in shape for this upcoming season, from this summer. ”

– Cody Morgan, OHL

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