What recommendations do you use with your athletes in regards to diet?

In regards to nutrition and diet for athletes, what we do is I do not like to count calories. The biggest thing for most of our athletes is just to eat whole foods, stay away from processed foods, and stay away from sugars as much as possible. And we just focus on the main meals.

Breakfast, a good solid breakfast, this is some type of source of protein. Lunch, some source of protein. Dinner, some source of protein. So depending on the athlete, whether they are fat.

So fat for us is over 10%. If you’re over 10% body fat, you limit your carbohydrates. So what we do is limit all carbs;  simple carbs, complex carbs for anywhere from 14 to 21 days, based on their body fat percentage.

Once we check-in, then we’ll start to reintroduce carbohydrates as needed; post-workout, around workout training sessions, and things like that. But the basic principle is: (a) if you can tolerate carbs, meaning you’re lean, you eat more carbs. If you’re fat for us over 10%, you limit carbs.

That’s how we do it based on obviously when you’re in competition and so on and so forth, you need your carbohydrates, but that’s a simple and fast and effective way for our athletes to drop excess body fat, put on muscle mass, and then we can start reintroducing the carbohydrates.