Ryo Takano – Hockey Training Success Story

“Hi, I’m Ryo, and I play hockey for Somang U16 hockey team.

I started playing hockey when my dad introduced me to it by just giving me a pair of skates and taking me to a rink.

My dream is to play professional hockey someday. And also, what motivates me is how I watch the best players in the game, and how I want to get better than them.

My dad and I decided to leave the traditional path because we saw a lot more opportunities through the team I’m on right now, so, yeah, that’s why we left.

How I like to choose to … with who I train with is through research on Instagram, and through other friends that play hockey, like Luca Rea, who also trains here.

The environment here at LPS is great because you get pushed by your coaches and your fellow colleagues, so it’s a real good atmosphere around here.

LPS has helped me a lot because we’ve done a lot of weightlifting. It’s helped me get stronger in my shoulder area, which I was really weak in, but now I’ve gotten a lot stronger, so I can stick handle and shoot way better.

Yeah, my advice to younger guys coming up is just keep working and don’t give up on your dreams. You never know what can happen to you.

I think what I do differently than other people is how I train with a lot of people and a lot of resources, and also with some of the great trainers, like LPS and my dad and I use the FitLights, which have significantly changed me. And just, in general, I just train a lot more than other people.

I’ve had to give up a lot, like not hang out with my friends as much, and just concentrating on my game and working harder to get better.

I’ve noticed that I’m significantly smaller than other guys that play hockey, so I don’t think of it as a disadvantage, I think of it as a advantage, because I’m faster than them and I’ve got more skill than them. So I can use that skill and speed to score more goals and get more points.

When I’m in Toronto, I work on my stick handling skills about every day, and when I’m in Montreal, I just go on the ice early in the morning so I have time to do some of those skills on the ice in Montreal.”

– Ryo Takano, Aspiring Hockey Professional


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