Luca Rea – Hockey Training Success Story

“My name is Luca Rea. I play for the 2003, North York Rangers AAA, and I’ve been training here for over a year and a half.

My goals and aspirations for hockey is to, one day, hopefully, make it to professional hockey.

Before I started training at LPS I was working out of my friend’s garage down in a different area, and the results were, clearly, not as big and like good as they were here when I started training at LPS as quickly.

Through training here at LPS, the results have just been very tremendous in my speed and my strength. Like, my shot has increased tremendously, and my strength in the corners, when people try and hit me, I don’t really fall as easily as I would like before I started training here.

I had a really big, tall, heavy kid from a different team try and come push me in the corner and try and really knock me over, and I just kind of like pushed back on him, and it didn’t really feel like he was pushing that hard, just because of my strength.

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If I’m not training or playing hockey, on my free time, I usually just like to watch hockey videos or sometimes play video games on like NHL or something.

Everything around hockey.

The culture here at LPS, it’s really good. With a lot of the older players here, and me, myself being one of the younger players, I like it because it makes me want to push myself harder to become as strong as one of these players here, or even stronger than some of them, at my age.

If somebody was just getting into hockey, or just getting into strength training, I would tell them to stick with the program, because it doesn’t happen right away. It takes a lot of time and effort, and to just stick with it.”

– Luca Rea

Music by: Yung Kartz

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