“Hard work becomes easy work, hard work becomes easy work.”

I will never forget this mantra the guys were yelling while finishing off heavy farmers walks and sled pulls.

This mantra was lead by Mark Friedman, a bull in the gym and fierce competitor.

He squats over 185kg (407lbs) ass to grass, cleans 135kg (300lbs), bench press 143kg (315lbs) and chin-ups 55kg (121lbs) strapped to him all for a single rep. This kid packs a powerful strike and tremendously strong and smart.

But the greatest attribute I must say is his work ethic!

Getting to know his parents I am sure it comes from them, but took it to another level.

He skates early morning, shows up in the gym afterward to train, then he goes skates after training sessions, and does hills on weekends. I am not exaggerating, if you ask anyone that has survived the training here at LPS, they would say the same.

The Athlete Activation System is grueling, but the results speak for themselves.

Mark will tell you “Hark Work Becomes Easy Work”.  You will adapt and when you do you will be at another level. Others just won’t be able to keep up to you, and it’s a fact.

This young kid is an animal, and he makes it impossible for you to keep up. With a competitive but comradery mindset, he will run you into the ground while still cheering for you.

I hear so many people chant “No days off” but can’t walk the walk. Mark talks the talk and walks the walk and then some. He takes NO DAYS OFF!

That is who Mark Friedman is and that’s why we (and I) am so proud of him. Training him for 7 years plus and watching his growth is rewarding as a coach.

And for him to take time out of his busy schedule and call me to let me know he got called up to play for the Philadelphia Flyers tonight, lets me know he appreciates what we do and our small role in his dream to becoming an NHL star. And I firmly believe he will.

Just work, just work, don’t get caught up in the highs and lows, just work, just work.

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