On February 19th, the Poliquin International Certification Program officially announced that Clance Laylor is has been accredited as one of the 16 coaches worldwide to receive the PICP Level 5 Master Strength Coach certification. Out of the 16 coaches worldwide, only 4 exist in Canada.

Back in 2003 I was attending an internship in Chicago. I remember Charles Poliquin saying he created the PICP to be the Ferrari of all certification programs in the country and that’s why the standards are so high. If you scored less than 90% you where incompetent. If you did not produce world class results you cannot attain master coach level 5, basically the proof is in the pudding. I am proud to be amongst an elite minority and am looking forward to making my own contribution to the craft I Love. Strength and Conditioning. -Clance Laylor

Congratulations, it is well deserved and long overdue. As a lifelong student of the strength game, you are a credit to the industry and should receive the accolades befitting of your achievements. – Dr. Robert Goto

About PICP

Requirements for Level 5
The Poliquin International Certification Program is recognized as the best certification program in the world. Each level comes with different challenges incrementally more difficult than the previous. Level 5 is the highest anyone can achieve and only 16 coaches in the world have received such recognition.

Clance, very few trainers/coaches have achieved this level of coaching however you are most deserving of this PICP Level 5. Good on you – I am more proud of our friendship but happy to see you finally get this recognition! – Clarke Flynn, PICP Level 5 Master Coach

Only active coaches can qualify for this level. You need to meet four of the seven following criteria to obtain the IMCC qualification:

  • Train a medalist at the Olympic Games
  • Train a medalist at the Senior World Championships
  • Participate officially as a coach or athlete at the Olympic Games or World Championships
  • Train a World Record Holder in a recognized discipline
  • Train an athlete who wins a distinguished award in the professional league: i.e. Norris (NHL), Cy Young (MLB)
  • Develop course material for the PICP
  • Work as a National Coach for 5 years