Zachary Ali Khan – Baseball Strength Training Success

Chapter Overview:

0:00 Who is Zach Ali Khan
0:11 Why did he choose Baseball
0:23 How long has he been training at LPS
0:54 What improvements he achieved at LPS
1:22 How did he start playing Baseball
1:30 What are his goals
1:39 What is the piece of advise he can give to others

My name is Zach Ali Khan and I play baseball. I’ve been playing baseball for about 8 years.

Baseball wasn’t the only sport I played growing up. I also played hockey and then basketball, and also volleyball in school.

What made me stick to baseball instead of the other sports is that one, I was a lot better at baseball than I was at the other three sports. And I also just like playing it more and watching it more.

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So I’ve been training at LPS for about one year now. My experience at LPS has been amazing. Whether it’s the interaction with coaches or the other athletes.

Definitely the coaching, just a lot different and a lot more intense. And the coaches truly wanna see you do better.

Training at LPS versus other places is the coaching, it’s really one on one and also the intensity in the gym it’s really high. And there’s a sense of competitiveness that is just all around the gym and it just makes you want to push yourself and do better.

The improvement of my mental strength has transferred from LPS into my baseball game, because baseball is a very mental game and I feel like I’ve gotten better dealing with failure and like the peaks and valleys of baseball, as well as lifting.


I think it’s very important to have my family involved in my training and athletic career because they can support me throughout my journey and help me deal with any successes or failures that I come across.

My dad and my mom got me into baseball when I was, when I was younger, just by taking me to games and just playing outside in the backyard with me.

My future goals in baseball are to play at the college level in the United States and then go on to play professionally.

One piece of advice I’d give to a younger version of myself or a younger athlete is to keep working hard and don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do in your sport because it’s only up to you.

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