Jesse just worked, worked, and worked.

Jesse never quit, Jesse never complained, Jesse never missed a training session, Jesse never showed up late.

Jesse never gave up!

He was a goalie, weighing 150lbs soaking wet.

When I first met Jesse, he was very weak, quiet, and shy. But he grinded day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year!

Jesse Work Work Work Hockey Goalie

All of a sudden, Jesse started looking bigger, stronger, and much more confident.

Jesse started to move some serious weight, and other athletes began taking notice: “Hey Coach, check out Jesse getting that weight!”

This kid turned into a little monster, he was a bull. In strongman sessions, Jesse hanged and beat some of the bigger guys. When he went for max lifts in the gym, all of the athletes would stop what they were doing to cheer him on.

Pro athletes would go up to him and pat him on the back and say: “Way to go, kid! Keep working hard.”

You see, it’s not about how much you can lift at our gym – it’s about the effort you put in, and it’s about your commitment to the process.

It’s about giving it your best, day in and day out.

From the outside, I’m sure people think our gym is just about the pros or lifting big weights.

No! This couldn’t be furthest from the truth.

It’s about the WORK.

Nothing is worth achieving if you don’t go after it.