Nicholas Rea – Hockey Training Success Story

“Hi. My name is Nicholas Rea, I play for the 2001 Toronto Red Wings. I’ve been training at LPS for a year and a half and I’m 17 years old.

Before I started training at LPS I trained at my buddy’s garage in Burlington, and coming to LPS gym it’s been a huge difference with the atmosphere and the actual differences I’ve seen in my strength.

The results I’ve seen on and off the ice have been tremendous since I started at LPS.

I’ve made huge leaps and bounds with my strength and I really see the difference in my playing and my strength against other players.

I find the difference most when I’m battling in the corners, in my strength on my shots, in my legs, my speed, it’s increased tremendously and everything’s been much smoother and much stronger on the ice.

I find the culture here at LPS to be very, very competitive and supportive environment, with great people and great trainers always keeping an eye on you and supporting you in everything you do.

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I found training with the older guys, they actually help and they motivate and support you. And training with them makes you want to push yourself harder and get up to their weight, so it’s not very intimidating but it helps to push you further.

I tell any younger athletes training here to believe in the program and take your time, and follow Clance and Mark’s teachings and everything will work out, you’ll notice a difference in your strength.”

– Nicholas Rea

Music by: Yung Kartz