Malik Collymore – Baseball Training Success Story

“My name’s Malik Collymore.

I’m a baseball player in the Cincinnati Reds Organization.

I play second base and outfield.

I am 22 years old and I’ve been playing professional baseball for four years now.

Before I trained at LPS, I was on my own minor league program, so, the various teams that I played with would send me a program and I would follow it on my own.
I didn’t really have my own trainers following me, giving me their own specific program.

I found out about LPS through a former teammate of mine, Gareth Morgan. I saw him through social media, doing various lifts that I was interested in, and I asked him about it and I reached out and I started training with Clance and the LPS team about four months ago.

Since training at LPS, baseball wise, I’ve felt a lot more flexible through defense, through my swing, my throwing arm has felt a lot of gains, a lot more effortless, better velocity with my throws, and overall, just felt like a more complete baseball player.

I been hearing through a lot of people that my body looks a lot more flexible, a lot looser.

Meanwhile, still maintaining all the strength that I have had, and gaining even more strength, so, I’ve gained a lot of good progress through training with LPS.
Some advice I would give to a young baseball player would be to don’t be afraid to be different.

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Don’t be afraid to follow your own training plan.

Go where other people haven’t gone before.

Don’t listen to every single coach that you’ve talked to.

Know who knows what’s best for you, and stick with the coaches that know what’s best for you.”

– Malik Collymore, Cincinnati Reds

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