Gordon is one of those individuals that just works hard, respectful, and has a great head on the shoulders.  He barely takes a break, focused on his dream of making it to the big leagues in football.  What does he do when he’s back for the holidays?  He came in to train – it says a lot about what someone truly wants and what they’re willing to give up to get it.

Here is Peter and Donna’s experience with their son Gordon who plays football.

“Our son Gordon has trained with Clance Laylor and the team at LPS for over 5 years.”

The initial decision to join was one that required commitment on several fronts.

Looking back, the decision to move forward was the right one for many different reasons which became evident within the first year.

We as parents have seen Gordon benefit, growing both as an athlete from the exceptional training experience, but also as an individual from the positive atmosphere, that promotes community, trust, awareness of a healthy lifestyle, perseverance, and making smart choices.

Gordon has had the opportunity to spend time with veteran trainers and athletes, learning from their experiences not only in their specific sport, but also in their everyday lives as they work through adversity, navigate difficult decisions, and adapt to change.

All these experiences Gordon takes with him as he continues to work towards his own athletic and personal goals.

– Peter & Donna Whyte, Parents