Kristyan Puyol – Baseball Training Success Story

“Hey guys, I’m Kristyan Puyol. I’m from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I played baseball, that’s my primary sport. I’m a second baseman, third baseman and a catcher. I’ve been here for about like three months now. Best experience in my life. Coaching is unmatched. I lost in the first six weeks, 6% body fat I’ll never forget that and my friends were like, my friends didn’t see me for a while and they were like, that’s insane. Like that’s unbelievable. And I can tell you sometimes your body’s like down and doesn’t want to, you know, work out. But if you push through it’s going to be… Clance described it as a new and as the next level you push through all the pain and soreness, you’re going to get to the next level.

Like just today, I wasn’t expecting to hit 173kg so easy. And you ask Jeremy, Mark, Coach Clance, any of them… 173 was a breeze. 175 was a breeze. 180, I went all the way up to 180 from 171 in one day. That’s, it’s a pretty big jump. So everything we do here is in kilogram (kg). So I hit 180kg, which is almost 400 pounds back squat. So I started the day at a max of 171kg for back squat. I went to 173kg, hit that, 175kg, hit that one. And I even ended up with 180kg for a back squat.

Before coming to LPS, I was training out of York University in the track, with a… he’s an excellent runner, coach. He does a lot of like running and a lot of like speed work. And I kind of went for a few weeks for a month and I found that wasn’t really working for me. I lost a little bit of weight, but I was like, I’m not getting stronger. I don’t really need to get fast, right. I play baseball, I’m trying to get explosive speed and as much as like he was building up my cardio and things like that, I found like it wasn’t really working.

So I was like, you know what, I kind of needed a change. So I asked my good friend John Nardi, who’s here as a weightlifter and he recommended coming to the gym. So I was like, you know what, let’s give this a shot.

The results are unbelievable. I was never expecting to hit 180kg back squat, EVER. I was never expecting that, I was thinking, I started coming to LPS at 22% body fat. I was expecting maybe to go down to 18, maybe like 17 at most. I went all the way in six weeks down to 15% body fat and my friends and family and my mom especially, they were super impressed with the results and personally I couldn’t be more happy.

The culture at LPS is super competitive. You’re always trying to out-do your next man even though it’s not a competition. It’s just everyone’s driving each other. It’s not just you’re there by yourself with a coach trying to spot you. It’s if you’re trying to max, let’s say a back squat, you got people yelling at you just to keep driving. You got coach Clance on your back telling you keep pushing no matter what. His favorite line is, “oxygen”, just to yell, oxygen. Everyone in here are great people. Everyone in here is supporting one another. It’s the best experience in a gym in my entire life for sure and my baseball career.

Personally, I’ve never been shown out. I’ve never been told I was the best, even though personally I believe that I am. If you don’t Draymond say the other day, “if you don’t believe you’re the best, then you’re not the best.”

I find that a lot of the time, I’m not a tall guy. I’m 5′ 10″, so a lot of the time in baseball they tend to pick taller people and I found myself on the short end of the stick. But I feel like now along with the training I’ve been doing out of the country and the training I’ve been doing here at LPS, I find that there’s no way they can overlook someone like me.

What I would tell young people, is to keep doing and keep driving, keep driving, keep driving, keep grinding. This is a grind. If you’re trying to hit a pro sport like me, you got to keep grinding. Nothing comes easy in this life. That’s what I learned. That’s the biggest thing that I can tell you… if you grind and grind and grind and take and listen to the coach and listen to your trainers and listen to the people who know best, don’t just go online and search up stuff and then listen to those people.

You gotta listen to the best people, the best people that are gonna help you. There are a lot of different ways to get better. Personally, this is the best way for me, training out at LPS, training in California for baseball. That’s the best way. Life is a grind. If you keep grinding, put your heart into whatever you do, you’ll be successful no matter what.”

– Kristyan Puyol

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