Hack Squats

The other day, my 17-year-old daughter sent me the picture of a 65-year-old woman who looked absolutely incredible! This woman looked fit, strong and oh so sure of herself.

But what really grabbed me was the message my daughter attached to the picture. She wrote (and I quote): “that’s going to be you mama…” That was probably the best compliment I’d received in a very long time.

Jude & Clance_-2

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a slouch nor have I ever been one. But sometimes life gets in the way of our best-laid plans, and forces us to change our course; which isn’t always a bad thing. So in between all the “living” I was called to do, working out was something I tended to do “whenever I could find the time”, which wasn’t as often as I would have liked.

All of that changed a little over two years ago when a friend of mine introduced me to Mr. Clance Laylor, strength coach extraordinaire! I remember walking into Clance’s gym and thinking to myself that I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. Everything about the space screamed: this isn’t for the faint of heart, and please park your ego at the door! Never one to shy away from a challenge, I dove in headfirst. Primarily because had I stopped to consider what I was potentially committing myself to, I would have found countless excuses reasons not to go through with signing up with Clance that day.

That was then and this is now…

One Arm Zottman Curls-2

Back then, I worked out sporadically. Now I work out 5-6 days a week. It’s the first thing I do in the morning. And I feel guilty if ever I miss or skip a day.

Back then, I didn’t know my own strength. Now I can bench more than I weigh and squat more weight than I’d ever imagined, with form and confidence.

And although I have always been a confident woman; after two plus years of working out under Clance’s guidance and encouragement, my confidence is matched by a sense of inner strength that makes me feel powerful and absolutely sexy. And who among us doesn’t want that feeling?!

To say that working with Clance is one of the best investments I’ve made is an understatement. This investment goes beyond the workout; it is an investment in myself that I know will pay off for years to come. It is my promise to my 65-year-old self that when we do meet, I will be as absolutely fabulous as the woman in that picture who so clearly reminded me what it was I was working toward.

Jude & Clance_

I thank you Clance for never going easy on me and for pushing me well beyond my own limits. You are truly one of a kind!

I look forward to attaining new fitness and strength heights with you.

With much respect and admiration,