I love it when parents share stories about their children training at LPS.  I love it even more when they realize it’s not just about weight training, but about creating an environment and culture for these young individuals to develop strong, independent, and confidence.

Here is John’s experience with his son Dylan who plays baseball.

“From an early age our son Dylan had a goal to be a major league baseball player, so when he was scouted to play for an older team at one of the top baseball organization in Canada at the age of 13 we knew he meant business.”

It was now time for us to ensure he had every advantage we as parents could provide for him in is movement towards his ultimate goal.

Over and above the massive commitment to the intense team practices and private baseball coaching he was receiving Dylan knew the importance and wanted to build up his overall strength, so this required us to do extensive research to find the best facility and personalized training in the GTA.

After much on line research and visiting several facilities that seemed to try and sell us on the latest workout gadgets and their plush waiting rooms the minute we as a family walked in to LPS we knew we had found the right place with the right people.

LPS was far from the fanciest place, it had no frills but the vibe was beyond compare, it was a get down to business feel and as soon as we walked out after the presentation there was no doubt and we all knew we had found the right facility and people to help Dylan in his ascent to success.

In the beginning the LPS staff worked closely with Dylan’s doctor to ensure an old arm injury healed properly and that the right exercises where being implemented to rebuild his arm strength.

Since joining LPS, Clance Laylor and his trainers, provide a customized workout for Dylan’s development and the results were almost immediate.

He feels overall strength in his performance and there is a clear and recognizable difference in his speed and agility. Our son’s physique is changing before our eyes and his confidence is soaring.

Dylan absolutely loves training at LPS, he loves the vibe, the overall “team feel” and motivation he experiences when working long side other completive and pro athletes.

There hasn’t been a single time he didn’t walk out with a smile on his face excited to talk about the workout he just put in.

Dylan truly wants to be a part of the LPS legacy.

– John Oborne, Father