Dylan Oborne – Baseball Training Success Story

“Hello my name is Dylan, I play baseball for about seven years now and I play for The Great Lakes Canadians. Since training at LPS I’ve developed way more power than I have over the past couple of years; I’ve been seeing the ball better and reacting to ground balls quicker, and I’ve been quicker overall in my game.

When I first visited LPS I thought it was just gonna be one of your regular gyms, but it’s really not. It’s a great group of people, and it’s a great facility to work in. A lot of room, a lot of things to work on.

There is, the possibilities are endless working out in there. It’s amazing.

I started playing baseball when I was five. I got into it because my dad loved it and wanted me to play and I loved it too. So, that’s how I stared playing.

The toughest thing I’ve been through is my arm getting injured while I was playing. I wanted to keep pushing through it not to let my team down and I think that really put me down because now my arm’s been hurting for quite a while. So I just have to get through with my rehab and my icing, and I got to get better.

My training’s been going amazing, my power is getting way better, I’m getting faster, I’m more agile, I have better reaction time, and it’s just all around been great.

My coaches are telling about how I look better when I swing and how my hips turn faster, and how I really put good twerk on the ball to take it over the fence.


Training elsewhere they always told me to go once a week and training here it’s like, “Come in as much as possible. Get your work in.” And yeah, it’s all about getting my work in and having a good time while I’m doing it.

Working at LPS, the culture is always fun, it’s always free and relaxed but it’s always get down to work and do your stuff. Work hard.

The thing I like most about training here is that everyone has a goal, every one wants to be the best in their sport and it really just helps you get hipped up and do better in your workout.

For the younger kids my advice is just to keep working at it, and it’ll come. You don’t have to be the best right now but if you keep working at it, you might be the best in the future.”

– Dylan Oborne, Baseball Player