Congratulations to LPS’ Andrea Kraus on her Championship Win in the latest Toronto Lawn and Tennis Club Tournament!


“I have been training at Laylor Performance Systems, with Clance, for 8 years. I love my weekly sessions. Over the years I have had more intense months of training when I have had the time and commitment, and I have also had less serious months of training.

Life sometimes gets in the way! A couple years ago due to some personal issues, I reduced my twice a week training to once a week, gave up my three times a week tennis and weekly yoga. With the support and encouragement at LPS, I am now back at my fitness routine, playing tennis three times a week, spinning once a week, and of course training at LPS, with Vince (Trainer).

Vince has been pushing me hard since last September, both upper and lower body. He is relentless; in a good way. Vince always has words of wisdom and keeps me focused. While I train, he is watching every lift and motion I make, and advising me how to gain the most benefit, while preventing injury.

Last week I won a tennis tournament at my club. The hard work and discipline with the LPS team got me back to peak fitness and helped me accomplish this goal. It took everything in me to win. My physical and mental capacity, is the result of consistent training at LPS.

I am so grateful for the expertise and guidance that I have received from Clance and his team.