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My son is 14 and plays hockey, he skates 4 times a week for school and another 4-5 times for his GTHL team. He decided that he wanted to continue his weight training he was doing in the summer with LPS Athletic when the hockey season started. His mother and I had concerns of him over training with the amount he is on the ice and the negative effects it may have on his on-ice performance. Would he over train and be tired, experience muscle fatigue and ultimately see a drop in his on-ice performance and durability.

In working with Clance Laylor and his trainers, they have customized his workout to account for when he has games, practices and ensuring he gets the proper time to recover and that he is maintaining his flexibility and eating right. He has been training in-season with LPS 2-4 times a week and the results we have seen have been quite the opposite of our concerns. He has experienced increased durability, strength, endurance and speed.

The improvement of his on-ice performance has been noticeable.

We have had several parents and coaches comment on how much faster and stronger he is from the beginning of the season to now. As his peers are experiencing nagging injuries as the season has progressed the work he has put in at LPS has helped him avoid much of this.

Most of all the confidence it has given our son has been invaluable, he sees the work he puts in at LPS as critical to his success and looks forward to training there every chance he gets. No doubt this is in large part to the people at LPS. They are extremely knowledgeable, care about each athlete’s off-ice and on-ice performance, but most of all they have truly helped my son develop a sense of discipline and commitment from the way he works out to how eats and fuels his body. They have truly played a big role in the long-term development of our son, and helped shape who he is into the future.

I highly recommend the right in-season weight training for athletes that want to improve and gain the extra edge, and highly recommend doing it with Clance and the staff at LPS.

Cory Onell