The Secret to Running Faster

I was watching the 2016 combine, and Deion Sanders made an interesting comment that really stood out to me:

“Just run, you have been running since you were a kid. Just run.”

Just Run Fast - People Sprinting

Once, my former track coach visited my gym and told me that kids are being inundated with all sorts of drills and forgot to be fast.

No matter how many many drills you learn, just run and be fast, that’s it.  That’s the intent that I ask of all my athletes.

“Coach, am I doing this right? Am I bringing my knees too high?”


About the Author:

Coach, Instructor & International Speaker. Master Strength Coach Clance Laylor has emerged as one of the most respected names in professional strength and performance training for athletes. He has found success for hundreds of top Olympians, Competitive & Professional Athletes, Coaches, and Executives alike. Founder of LPS Athletic Centre and the Athlete Activation System Certification, Clance helps athletes dominate in their sport.