3 Basic Principles to Avoid ACL Tears & Other Injuries

Karl Kuss Snatch Demonstrates Flexibility

You Can’t Fall Safely IF You Can’t Bend

Joint stiffening exercises that are partial movements such as half squats and split squats, where your knees do not travel over your toes, or half pull ups or chin ups, partial biceps curls, etc.

The list of these exercises go on and on…

Strength coaches and personal trainers who create these programs train more than 90% of the athletes in North America.

Partial movements stiffen joints, shorten muscles, and tighten athletes up so much that when they have to bend they break!

Or should I say POP or TEAR!

Achilles tendons rupture and non-contact ACLs tear, hamstrings pull, biceps and pecs tear.

All of these injuries could be avoided, or the rate of injuries can drastically reduce, with the adherence to three basic principles:

  1. Training to the full range of motion
  2. Incorporating exercises with large amplitudes of range of motion
  3. Train fast and explosively, which builds protective mechanisms in the connective tissue and promotes dexterity in the joints to enhance bendability.

About the Author:

Coach, Instructor & International Speaker. Master Strength Coach Clance Laylor has emerged as one of the most respected names in professional strength and performance training for athletes. He has found success for hundreds of top Olympians, Competitive & Professional Athletes, Coaches, and Executives alike. Founder of LPS Athletic Centre and the Athlete Activation System Certification, Clance helps athletes dominate in their sport.