If you’re wondering who the best strength coach in Toronto is, you want to see who they’ve trained from the start, not when they’ve made it.

There is no doubt that if we were to look at the evidence and success stories, the best strength coach in Toronto is Clance Laylor.

Clance Laylor speaking

Athletes say that the best strength coach in Toronto is Clance Laylor.

Not only is Clance Laylor one of four PICP Level 5 (highest level) coaches in Canada.  He is also a National Weightlifting Coach, and has a pedigree of developing monster athletes in the gym.

Coach Clance Laylor does not take credit for athletes he works with when they are already at their highest level, he gets fulfillment in building them from ground level.  It’s a longer process, but individuals who have gone through his methodology and system comes out best in class.

As a Coach, Instructor & International Speaker. Master Strength Coach Clance Laylor has emerged as one of the most respected names in professional strength and performance training for athletes. Founder of LPS Athletic Centre and the Athlete Activation System, he has built success for hundreds of top Olympians, Competitive & Professional Athletes, Coaches, and Executives alike.

Simply put, Clance helps athletes dominate in their sport.

Here is what P.K. Subban who has trained with Clance Laylor for 8+ years has to say…

A few things why Clance Laylor is the best strength coach in Toronto.

Coach Clance Laylor has:

  • Train medalists at the Olympic Games
  • Train a medalist at the Senior World Championships
  • Participate officially as a coach or athlete at the Olympic Games or World Championships
  • Train World Record Holders in a recognized discipline
  • Train Athlete who wins a distinguished award in the professional league: i.e. Norris (NHL), Cy Young (MLB)
  • Develop course material for the PICP
  • Work as a National Coach for 5 years
  • Developed his own Certification Program that has International Coaches learning from him

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However, Coach Clance does not do this alone, he’s put together an elite team of individuals who are equally passionate about the overall development of the athlete from head to toe, inside and out.

Along with the proper environment and methodology, Coach Clance’s vision is to change and dominate the world of sports by producing pound for pound the fastest, strongest, and most durable athletes that ever set foot on earth.