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7 Powerful Ways to Build Speed & Strength

This is my top 7 methods that I’ve used on all of my athletes in all sports to get them faster, more explosive, and stronger against their competitors.  With these scientifically results-proven exercises, you’ll never have to worry about how to develop true speed & strength.

You can just see the difference between myself and other athletes especially in back-to-back game situations.

P.K. Subban AvatarP.K. Subban, Nashville Predators (NHL)

Simply put, I’m a lot faster because of LPS. More bases stolen, and faster to the ball on the outfield.

Gareth Morgan avatarGareth Morgan, Seattle Mariners (MLB)

This is the strongest & fastest I’ve ever been. When I deliver a blow, I can see that I’m always the winning outcome.

Wayne Moore avatarWayne Moore, Ottawa Redblacks (CFL)

In this FREE guide, I’ll show you…

The Essential Exercises

The top 7 exercises needed to build every aspect of speed from starting acceleration to maximum speed.

The Mindset You Need

Unlock the right mindset and purpose to visualize in order to get the most out of each and every exercise.

The Common Mistakes

The most common mistakes and myth that’s stopping you from reaching your fastest self.

Clance Laylor speaking

Hi, I’m Clance Laylor, Master Strength Coach, and I help athletes get faster, stronger, and more explosive so that they can dominate their sport.

The Top 7 Ways of Building Speed & Strength for Athletes guide (part of my methodology and coaching), has been responsible for generating the edge that many athletes needed to achieve their dreams of becoming a professional athlete.

Without it, you will waste your time doing ladder drills or the next speed fad that is brilliantly marketed to you leaving you slower than you started.

With it, you eliminate all the guesswork and will never again waste time or money on the next new shiny coin, and actually build true speed and strength.  Use and become explosive.

-Clance Laylor
Founder & Master Strength Coach
LPS Athletic Centre

You’re going to get training like you’ve never had before. Yea it’s hard work, but hard work becomes easy work on the ice.

Mark Friedman AvatarMark Friedman, Philadelphia Flyers (NHL)

By doing this for just 2 years, I’m now hitting the ball distances above PGA tour average. Speeeeeed!

Jeremy Choi swingJeremy Choi, Golfer (GTAAM Tour)

As a football player and a competitive sprinting champion, I didn’t think I could get any faster, but I did thanks to LPS.

Louis Mensah in football uniformLouis Mensah, Hamilton TigerCats (CFL)

No Fad. No Gimmicks. Proven Exercises by Science.