Coming off shoulder injuries late last year, Jeremy has been working to build his strength back. After 7 months of training, it is starting to pay off. Congratulations to LPS executive client Jeremy Choi, securing a win at the 2-Day BMO World Elite Major at National Pines on the GTA Amateur Tour.

“I’ve been struggling at the beginning of this year. I was never comfortable over the ball. I even forgot how to chip, flop. Nothing was coming together. I felt weak. And I felt like I just didn’t want to play anymore.

I’m so glad that I had people around me supporting and encouraging me. Pushing me with some training, practice, coaching, and overall re-evaluation of my game has got me back to hitting it straighter, longer, and more consistent. ” – Jeremy Choi

Jeremy is a 31 year old executive client that trains 2-3 times a week at LPS. We’re excited to see him come back from his injuries and getting back on top again.