What are the top three exercises for overall body strength?

The top three exercises for overall body strength for me is number one, squat. Whether it be front squat or back squat.

Second is some type of pull. I love deadlifts, chin-ups, bent-over rows, and some type of push: bench press, push press.

I’m a big advocate of standing on your two feet and pressing overhead. Why? Because you have more core engagement. In real life, you’re not on your back pressing up, you do get strong. I am a big fan of bench press, but I feel—for sport—there’s more carry-over in terms of standing on your two feet and pressing a load over your head, and stabilizing that load. Try it. It’s a huge benefit in terms of core complete over body strength.

There’s a lot of people who do not believe in overhead pressing. I think that is nonsense. If you do not overhead press, you are not going to strengthen your rotator cuff or your shoulder girdle. You’ll not get the right muscles in your stabilizers, in your shoulder, Erector spine, thoracic spine.

Strong is massively important to press vertically over your head. In our training, our athletes actually do some type of vertical pressing twice a week. Our athletes specifically do push press. Non-athletes would probably do military press, seated press, some type of dumbbell press.

The reason I am advocating that is just tremendous for overall strength. So to repeat back squat or front squat, deadlift, bent-over row, and the King of all Kings: chin-ups, of all variations. Go to wide grip, pull up narrow grip, pull up supinated grip pull up, different angles: wide, narrow, close.

I like to vary the different angles and they’re actually great to build big biceps. A lot of you have asked me about my biceps over and over, not to say they’re bigger or anything, but I didn’t really do a lot of curls, I just did tons of chin-ups and pull-ups in all different variations, and that really helped my bicep growth without me actually understanding and knowing before I came into the strength game.

So overhead press, squat, and pull. Those are the top three exercises for all-around strength, conditioning, and tremendous carry-over in everyday life.

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