Spencer Cosway – Hockey Training Success Story

“My name is Spencer Cosway. I’m from Scarborough, Ontario. I’m a hockey player. I’m playing in the North American Hockey League for the Jamestown Rebels next year. I’ve always kinda been a stay at home defenseman, you know, the sixth Defenseman guy you rely upon for the penalty kill. Last couple of minutes of the game.

Recently I had a breakthrough year offensively and that’s kind of where I’d like my game to go in the upcoming years… to be more offensive and produce for my team.

Some challenges I’ve been through are injuries. I’ve had some really bad problems with my lower back and I’ve had to go see chiropractors for the last five years. And it’s a reoccurring injury. And throughout my seasons. And after I started working out here, I really, really strengthened my lower back and my core which is lacking and that really helped with the injury, and knock on wood, I went through the last season without injury and knock on wood again that I go through this season as well without injury.

It’s been a good summer. I haven’t been in as much as I’d like to, but it’s really helped me stay injury-free.

So I found out about the gym through, actually I don’t know him personally, but I got drafted to Barrie Colts. It’s about three years ago and a former Colt Captain Mike Webster worked out here and I think my dad actually saw one of his videos training here and so like I came here and my overall experience here has been amazing since day one.

My speed and agility and mobility as well as has gone up 10 times than the other gyms I’d been working out at before. And it’s been really, really good for my game and I think it’s like this gym was instrumental for my progression, my breakout year in my last season.

Training here and training at different gyms, I’d say the difference, the big difference here is just the atmosphere. Everybody here is, they come here to work. They come here to do well and progress in whatever sport they’re participating in. There’s no slacking here.

The trainers are really, really attentive to what you’re doing to make sure you’re not getting injured, to make sure you’re progressing. And Clance and Mark, they’re really, really good people. They actually care about what they do here and they make sure you’re not doing anything that you shouldn’t be. So training in here, I’ve hit numbers I’ve never hit before for squatting and obviously Olympic lifts.

On ice, in regards on ice… my speed, my explosiveness, and my overall strength… I’ve just gotten so much better. I used to be 6’3, 170 pounds, and I was getting thrown around on the ice.

And I ever since I came to LPS, I’ve been a lot more stronger on my feet, hard to knock over and my shot and my overall skating with the puck has gotten so much better.

If I had the ability to go back in time… I was too worried about being on good teams. And you know, the best thing you can do is try and find a coach who will put you in the best situation, in all situations, at all times so you can develop as a player. That’s the best thing you could do… just cause the more you play on power play and penalty kills and 5-on-5s, the better you’ll get in all aspects of your game.”

– Spencer Cosway, Defensemen, Jamestown Rebels (NAHL)

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