After 4 weeks of waiting, I received my genetic & hormone testing results back and Dr. Aviad delivered me the bad news:

No carbohydrates for me – No yam and green banana, pizza, rice, and everything I love to eat.

Why? I have discovered that genetically I can’t handle carbohydrates or metabolize them efficiently.

No wonder when I drank alcohol, I put on so much bloody weight easily. Or eat any type of carbs like bread (I love peanut butter, steak, and cheese sandwiches). My love handles would pop up pretty fast.

Even when I was having ground provisions like yams, green bananas, or sweet potatoes.

What really bothers me was how fast I can put on weight when I eat any carbs.

It wasn’t a while ago when I embarked on a journey to get back in shape. I lost 63 lbs dropping from 270 lbs to 207 lbs. Which was cool but I looked too skinny for my liking, I was more like a skinny 207, not a solid 207, even though I lifted weights every day.

I used methods like intermittent fasting, keto, meat, and veggie diets, cheat meals only on weekends, then to only one meal per week to only having one cheat meal a week but had to be after 3 pm.

All the above methods worked, but once I start pounding down the carbs, I would just balloon up.

I was told 20 years ago to stop eating carbs. I wouldn’t listen.

This is when BioSignature was first performed on me. It’s a multi-point caliper method to see where you store your body fat to determine an idea of your hormonal profile.

I use this method I’ve learned from the late Charles Poliquin and I’ve helped hundreds of clients lose fat and get lean for years. The ironic thing is I knew deep down what my own BioSignature reading told me, but I always tried to challenge it. Cause I love my carbs! I would go on a low carb, meat and veggie diet and drop body fat fast! I have no problem eating meat and eating lots of it, I would eat so much meat particularly rib eye steaks that I would worry if I am eating too much, due to the common health reason such as kidney failure, high exposure of hormones in the meat and high cholesterol.

Sidenote: Go check out the book called The Myth about High Cholesterol.

Living in Canada, the meat quality control is quite high and the restrictions regarding how much hormones you can pump into the animals are much more stringent than the United States.

Now that I need to eat more meat, I must be selective about where I purchase it from.

Pancakes, Gummy Bears, Donuts & Sugar Worms

I really craved meat and I got stronger and leaner faster when I ate meat, I hate veggies but would force myself to eat the veggies. So being on low carb and high protein diets I would go crazy on my cheat meals, 20 pancakes, grape juice, ice cream, gummy bears, sugar worms any and everything sugary and sweet I could get my hands on, I would regularly go to Tim Hortons and buy 12 plain donuts and a large frozen lemonade to start off my carb binge.

What was worse is I would be full, stomach busting and I would still force myself to eat sugar!

The explanation to myself is that I am just greedy. I would crash, go to sleep and be non-productive for the rest of the day.

I got hooked on this carb backloading and would have carbs 1-3 times per week at night before bed. Instead of just going right to bed I would grab a stack of Ritz crackers or Jube jubes on my way upstairs. It was embarrassing.

As I reflect back, I would sometimes break down, depressed, and asking myself why do I do this to myself?

But getting the results from this genetic test, Dr. Aviad explains & proves 100% that the craving for snacks and eating beyond capacity, is a genetic makeup in my genome.

That hit me like a ton of bricks!

I’ve made up so many excuses. And the thing is, I make good excuses for myself. But it is no longer an excuse, it was genetically in me. The value of going through such a test is now I am fully equipped with the willpower & knowledge to beat this.

It no longer became an excuse, it became a game. A win or lose game of life.

The Results & Numbers Don’t Lie

Circling back to December 17th, 2018, when I got my genetic test back and Dr. Aviad told me what’s my ideal nutrition should be if I want to have ideal health.

My genetic makeup makes me susceptible to diabetes with regards to my insulin receptor and low salivary amylase. Being a high risk for diabetes protein and fats are my friend, something I have always suspected, but have never confirmed.

I decided to accept it and change my mindset on how I approach food.

It’s pretty simple — eat what makes me perform optimally and is in my best interest of health.

And that would be no processed foods such as meat, fish, and chicken with no so-called cheat days. I won’t let food control me, I will control food and use it to perform at a high level and be the healthiest Clance Laylor I can be for my family and grandchildren.

I plan to be very active and a role model in my children and grandchildren’s lives, so I must adopt this shift to be healthier for the long term, not just for the short term.

I wish the same thing upon you, so if you have the chance, I highly recommend doing your genetic testing.