Al Guarino Back Squatting for Health

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Health brings freedom very few realize, until they no longer have it. LPS relentlessly helps you become stronger, more mobile, increased energy, lose fat, and more confident.

You get to choose to be physically & mentally healthier. If you were going to do it yourself, you would’ve done it already.

Be a part of community of like minded individuals that will never give up on you.

“To say that working with LPS is one of the best investments I’ve made is an understatement. This investment goes beyond the workout; it is an investment in myself that I know will pay off for years to come. It is my promise to my 65-year-old self that when we do meet, I will be as absolutely fabulous as the woman in that picture who so clearly reminded me what it was I was working toward.”

– Judith Montreuil, Justice of the Peace

Be a part of our exclusive community of 150 individuals unstoppable in the pursuit of their dreams.

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How Our Process Works


The consultation meeting is done over the phone or in person to see if we’re the right fit for you based on your survey application. A certified coach will go over your goals and results that you’re looking for. We answer any questions you have and explain our process and steps that we take.

Initial Assessment

We start with a structural & performance assessment with a LPS certified coach. This assessment allows us to understand your goals, identify weaknesses and create a baseline data to allow us to measure your progression with quantifiable results.

Customize Plan

You will have your own personalized program addressing your personal needs. You will be training under supervision by a LPS certified coach. Your personalized program + LPS supervised coaching + our gym culture will turbo-charge your results.

Training Sessions

Our training is structured to give you superior results in a short time frame. Through years of research, we developed a system that delivers results to drive the magnificent seven: Flexibility, Mobility, Stability, Dexterity, Power, Speed, and Strength all in the same session.

We Get You Results

In our 12+ years in business, every single member gets results when they commit to our program. That’s our promise.

We’re all-in invested into your success towards your true goals.

We will never give up on you. All you have to do is show up.

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