Baseball Performance Training in North York

More Home Runs. Sprint Quicker. Throw Faster.

Explosive strength, power, and speed is the deciding factor in the game, and if you aspire to become a professional baseball player.

These qualities ensure you have the physical capacity to hit home runs consistently, striking the batter out, leaping for that fly ball, or stealing bases successfully.

In our Baseball Performance Training program, we use methods that work on these key qualities daily, and the players with these unfair advantages will dominate their opponents every play.

“Been training at LPS since I was in grade 10… if you ain’t putting in the work when no ones watching, you won’t be able to shine when people are watching… my goal is to be one of the best in the major leagues.”

– Gareth Morgan, Seattle Mariners (MLB) (Testimonial Video)


When you train at LPS Athletic Centre, we use a system called the Athlete Activation System™.  The Athlete Activation System™ is an international certification and educational course that we teach strength coaches on the best methods to train athletes.

This system maximizes and taps into athletes’ potential by activating higher threshold motor units.

This system is so powerful that it produces a steroid-like effect.

Clance is one of the best strength coaches in Canada and definitely one of the best that I follow in regards to his training methods…

Josh Fontana TestimonialJosh Fontana, Strength Coach, Pure Strength Academy

…I played a lot of rugby so it’s my transition from an athlete to a coach and this is the best system in the business…

Alex Lauzon, Wrestler & Strength Coach

…of all the training seminars I’ve ever been to, this was certainly the one that earned the highest evaluation standards…

Louis Gagne TestimonialLouis Gagné, Kinesiologist & Strength Coach, Myoforma

Be part of a community of 100+ other athletes that have found success.




Elite Performance Coaching – With your individualized training program, you will be supervised at all times by a certified coach when you are training at LPS. We have an extremely high attention model which ensures proper technical execution of each exercise. We create an environment and culture for individuals to develop strong, independent, motivated, confident and giving characteristic traits.


Speed, speed and more speed – The game of baseball is changing and it’s all about speed right now. But there is a misconception among some players that they don’t have to be STRONG, which is a huge, HUGE mistake. Strength is “the mother of all qualities”. Researched and developed by some of the worlds best sprint coaches, our speed training system is simple: We lift, and then we run. It’s not fancy, but it works.


Consistent Data Points – Our LPS SmartTrack™ app allows us to record your progress and interact with the community. Life happens, and we know sometimes you may not be able to make it to the gym (vacation, weather, etc.). That’s why the app has your program, video instructions, key pointers, easy to input user interface, and historical data, so you won’t have to let surprises take you away from the progress you are making with your coach.


Flexibility, Mobility, and Stability – Our program offers a unique and complementary approach to ensure that the players’ bodies are functioning properly and able to attain normal positions as well as physical positions required by the sport. We take great care in developing the tissues of the body to handle the stresses (concussions, etc.) they may encounter on the field.


The Ethical Performance You Need – We test body compositions and hormonal profile weekly, including the detections of performance enhancement usage. We are strict on using only ethical methods to get you to the physique and strength abilities you need to dominate your position. Based on goals, we will prescribe ideal nutritional and supplement protocols.


Maximizing Potential – Using our BioSignature Assessment and Advanced Programming, we leverage the app to track and measure your progress every session, year after year. LPS team analyzes your data and compares it to other top competitive and professional athletes, so we will know where you stand, and how we will maximize your unfair advantage.

Love it here, getting bigger, getting stronger, been to the cage a lot and see that power coming along.

Baseball Performance Training Success with Jelen HarrisJelen Harris, Trois-Rivieres (MiLB)

Dylan feels overall strength in his performance and there is a clear and recognizable difference in his speed and agility… his confidence is soaring.

John Oborne, Father of Dylan
I can’t believe the physical change… It’s amazing, you can totally see the difference. Getting strong.
Baseball Performance Training Success AZL White SoxBryan Saucedo, AZL White Sox (MiLB)

7 Powerful Workouts to Build Speed & Strength for Baseball Players




We are a quality first, results-driven organization. We will never sign on a client if they can’t commit. We will always stake our reputation above profits.

Our coaches start their days earlier and continue to educate themselves daily by reading, researching, and practicing the science of strength and conditioning.

Our athletes have a growth mindset. They are not afraid to ask questions and encouraged to build confidence and leadership by providing them opportunities to make decisions.


We understand movement is not necessary progress. We are committed to practice daily and weekly habits to achieve a long term vision.

Our coaches hold themselves accountable, we track our progress weekly, we treat the facility like our homes, and you’ll never hear “This is not my job.”

Our athletes just work. They don’t complain, they work. They give up summer parties and cottages. They understand they get back as much they they put in. Some spend over 3 hours in transit each day just to be able to train to achieve their dreams.


Our first response is to our community of athletes and executives. Our second is to our team and family. And lastly, to our shareholders. Our fulfillment is in seeing our community succeed in life, not just in sports.

Our coaches often work 10+ hours a day without a thank you. They set up & promote opportunities to help cultivate strong, independent, and confident individuals.

Our athletes knows there is more than just sports. It’s also about being a good human being. They give back by educating their peers, and future generations. They are mentors, and role models.


We’re a community that respects hard work, not talent. We want everyone to be a better version of themselves week after week.

Our coaches give respect to those who work hard. They coach to help our athletes and executives produce more willpower, discipline, and respect to cultivating strong characters.

Our athletes stop lifting to cheer on someone that is going for a personal best. They leave their ego at the door, and know that the facility is a safe place to share, experience, and grow with like-minded individuals.


It’s simple – If you commit to the program for at least 12 weeks, and if by then you aren’t any faster, stronger, and more powerful, we’ll completely give you your money back.




Children (8-12)

  • 12-16 Weeks Program

Junior (13-15)

  • 12-16 Weeks Program

Amateur (16+)

  • 12-16 Weeks Program

Pro (Farm)

  • 12-16 Weeks Program

Pro (MLB)

  • 12-16 Weeks Program


Children (8-12)

  • In-Season/Remote Program
  • Off-Season Program
  • 1 Year Contract

Junior (13-15)

  • In-Season/Remote Program
  • Off-Season Program
  • 1 Year Contract

Amateur (16+)

  • In-Season/Remote Program
  • Off-Season Program
  • 1 Year Contract

Pro (Farm)

  • In-Season/Remote Program
  • Off-Season Program
  • 1 Year Contract

Pro (MLB)

  • In-Season/Remote Program
  • Off-Season Program
  • 1 Year Contract

WARNING: This Baseball Performance Training program is intended for athletes who seriously want to succeed. This is not your typical Baseball Performance Training. Hard work is required to build tremendous durable athletic abilities including strength, speed, and power. Side effects will include running faster, throwing the ball harder and further, and smashing more home runs. Use at your own risk. All LPS Pricing Plans are listed here.

Be part of a community of 100+ other athletes that have turned professional.



5PM – 8PM

2PM – 5PM

8:30AM – 2PM


Am I/my child in group training?

No. Every athlete has their own personalized program addressing their personal needs. The athlete will be supervised by one of our certified coaches. While we do have other athletes training at the same time, this is deliberately planned because we have found this motivates the other athlete to work hard as they see their counterpart or older or even younger athlete working hard consistently. This has proven to motivate and stimulate competition to elicit higher performance which equates to better results. In essence, we strive to have a hard-working culture in our facility.

How long are the training sessions?

Training sessions are between 1 hr to 3 hrs. Our training sessions are structured to give the athletes we are training superior results in a short time frame. So over the years, we developed a system in which delivers such results and figured out that a structure which drives the magnificent seven (7): Flexibility, Mobility, Stability, Dexterity, Power, Speed, and Strength all in the same session. And this typically takes anywhere from 1-3hrs based on the athlete’s fitness level and stage in the system. If you are looking for a quick one-hour cardio workout just to fatigue you, then we are not for you.

Will I become Pro if I train here?

Highly Likely. While we have a track record of sending many athletes to the professional leagues or getting a full scholarship, we can’t guarantee that. What we can guarantee is that you will possess the strength, power, and speed required and/or more than some of the top professional player if you work hard consistently. Remember: Being average will take weeks, being good will take months, being great will take years, but being extraordinary will take decade(s). We also have a network of trusted sports skills coach that will help you take your new found abilities and leverage it in your sport.

Off-Season Only vs Annual All Year Round Training?

80%+ of our clients are on the Annual plan. We understand every athlete is different and some travel abroad just to train here, but we have found athletes that commit to all year round coaching gets a greater return on investment. In our annual supervised & remote coaching, you’ll get everything in the off-season plan and more. Frequent two-way communication with the coaches. Connecting with the athlete’s team coach during in-season to review & adjust programming based on the needs. Access to our online community where other competitive & professional peers share experiences to help mentor & inspire.

“Since training at LPS, baseball wise, I’ve felt a lot more flexible through defense, through my swing, my throwing arm has felt a lot of gains, a lot more effortless, better velocity with my throws, and overall, just felt like a more complete baseball player.”

– Malik Collymore, Cincinnati Reds Organization (Testimonial Video)


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