They Can’t Ignore You.

We work with all age groups and abilities, ranging from kids to adults, beginners to elite level athletes.

Our methodology is to train you moving through proper full ranges of motion, coach and build proper lifting technique, and then get you strong, explosive, mobile, and injury-free.

We transform you into a Monsta™ – Become so good, they can’t ignore you.

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Our Training Principles

Train Hard

We’re a community of athletes that push each other to be better each and every day. We have fun, but we’re competitive. We cheer for each other and strive to be Monstas™.

Train Frequently

Commitment will get you started, consistency will help you finish. We set you up with coaching, programming and techniques with long term views for long term successes in and out of sports.

Train Heavy

Technique & safety is paramount. Once your skill develops over time and you are able to have proper positions, you’ll earn the right to lift heavy. That’s when the magic happens.

Train to Full ROM

Training to full range of motion is utmost importance to us. Being a Monsta™ is the ability to display movement, strength and explosiveness in the proper full ranges of motion.

Results-Proven System

When you train at LPS Athletic Centre in North York, we use a system called the Athlete Activation System™.  The Athlete Activation System™ is an international certification and educational course that we teach strength coaches on the best methods to train athletes.

This system maximizes and taps into your potential by activating higher threshold motor units.

This system is so powerful that it produces a steroid-like effect.

Clance is one of the best strength coaches in Canada and definitely one of the best that I follow in regards to his training methods…

Josh Fontana TestimonialJosh Fontana, Strength Coach, Pure Strength Academy

…I played a lot of rugby so it’s my transition from an athlete to a coach and this is the best system in the business…

Alex Lauzon, Wrestler & Strength Coach

…of all the training seminars I’ve ever been to, this was certainly the one that earned the highest evaluation standards…

Louis Gagne TestimonialLouis Gagné, Kinesiologist & Strength Coach, Myoforma

Be a part of our exclusive community of 150 individuals unstoppable in the pursuit of their dreams.

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