Absolute Strength. Absolute Speed. Absolute Mind.

Strength, power, speed, and the mind is the deciding factor in almost all situation, and if you want to dominate, it is a complete head to toe training physically and mentally.

In our Superhuman Performance Training program, we use proven methods that work on these key qualities daily, and individuals with these unfair advantages will dominate their opponents every time.

Professional & Olympic Athlete P.K. Subban have gone through our program for 8 years, and here’s what he has to say:

“LPS Athletic Centre is a big reason why my game is where it’s been for the past couple of years… Back to the short (2012-13 lockout) season when I won the Norris Trophy, I remember how I felt that year and every year since then. It’s probably made the biggest difference in my career.”

– P.K. Subban, Nashville Predators (NHL)


When you train at LPS Athletic Centre in North York, we use a system called the Athlete Activation System™.  The Athlete Activation System™ is an international certification and educational course that we teach strength coaches on the best methods to train athletes.

This system maximizes and taps into athletes’ potential by activating higher threshold motor units.

This system is so powerful that it produces a steroid-like effect.

Clance is one of the best strength coaches in Canada and definitely one of the best that I follow in regards to his training methods…

Josh Fontana TestimonialJosh Fontana, Strength Coach, Pure Strength Academy

…I played a lot of rugby so it’s my transition from an athlete to a coach and this is the best system in the business…

Alex Lauzon, Wrestler & Strength Coach

…of all the training seminars I’ve ever been to, this was certainly the one that earned the highest evaluation standards…

Louis Gagne TestimonialLouis Gagné, Kinesiologist & Strength Coach, Myoforma

You Can’t Get to Where You Can’t See.

It’s Simple – We have the International Elite Strength and Speed Standards and the Blueprint to Get You There!

“Everybody wants to a monsta until they see what real monstas do… Everything has improved. My speed has improved, especially my explosive power. Going in and out of my cuts, I’m more explosive and when I deliver a blow, I know I’m always the winning outcome.”

– Wayne Moore, BC Lions (CFL)



Elite Performance Coaching – With your individualized training program, you will be supervised at all times by a certified coach when you are training at our world-renown gym in North York. We have an extremely high attention model which ensures proper technical execution of each exercise. We create an environment and culture for individuals to develop strong, independent, motivated, confident and giving characteristic traits.


Speed, speed and more speed – The world of sports is changing and it’s all about speed right now. But there is a misconception among some players that they don’t have to be STRONG, which is a huge, HUGE mistake. Strength is “the mother of all qualities”. Researched and developed by some of the worlds best sprint coaches, our speed training system is no-nonsense: We lift, and then we run. It’s not fancy, but it works.


Psychological barriers are part of everyday life, however, being an athlete, it seems that we are faced with multiple barriers simultaneously and continuously. At LPS, our methodology is to break these barriers by establishing the mindset that nothing is impossible. Our systematic and coaching approach provides you with the necessary tools and skills to allow the body to perform at the level at which the mind desires.


Flexibility, Mobility, and Stability – Our program offers a unique and complementary approach to ensure that your body is functioning properly and able to attain normal positions as well as physical positions required by your sport. We take great care in developing the tissues of the body to handle the stresses (concussions, etc.) you may encounter in the game.


In our Superhuman Program, LPS have researched, developed and designed a specialized program to help Elite Athletes achieve optimal Health resulting in improved Nutritional & Metabolic Profiles, Sleep Hygiene & Quality, Exercise Recovery, Stress & Cortisol Support, and Achieve Optimal Hormone Levels.  This is done through genetic health tests, general blood work, and IV & IM treatments.


Building Better Athletes – Our team of Physiotherapists & Massage Therapists are dedicated to helping you perform your best and avoid injury through rehabilitation and sport‐specific programs.  Our unique sports recovery techniques help address root causes and empower you with the right plan for attaining long-term results you can celebrate.

“Been training at LPS since I was in grade 10… if you ain’t putting in the work when no ones watching, you won’t be able to shine when people are watching… my goal is to be one of the best in the major leagues.”

– Gareth Morgan, Seattle Mariners Organization (MLB)


Maximizing Potential – Using our BioSignature Assessment and Advanced Programming, we leverage the app to track and measure your progress every session, year after year. LPS Athletic Centre team analyzes your data and compares it to other top competitive and professional athletes, so we will know where you stand, and how we will maximize your unfair advantage.


The Ethical Performance You Need – We test body compositions and hormonal profile weekly, including the detections of performance enhancement usage. We are strict on using only ethical methods to get you to the physique and strength abilities you need to dominate your position. Based on goals, we will prescribe ideal nutritional and supplement protocols.


Meals Cooked Fresh for You – Chef Theresa Stirpe is our certified nutritionist. She keeps it fresh and wants you to be happy and excited about your healthy dishes every week. From our nutritional and supplement protocols, Chef Theresa caters to your needs for breakfasts, lunch, dinner, and snacks for all types of lifestyles such as Vegan, Paleo, Keto, counting macros, etc.


Stretch To Be Ready – Our experts help increase muscle flexibility and joint range of motion to restore body balance and to relieve pain symptoms, as well as preventing potential complications that are associated with muscle tightness and joint stiffness. Our Athletic Stretch Therapy is an assisted stretch methodology and practice to help you reach your optimal flexibility suited to the impacts required by your sport.


Get to the Flow State – You train hard and you want to get the most from the work that your body does, which is why Superhuman athletes who want an extra edge put just as much focus on recovery and focus as they do training. Our meditation and breath practice coach get both your body and your mind focused optimally.


Consistent Data Points – Our LPS SmartTrack™ app allows us to record your progress and interact with the community. Life happens, and we know sometimes you may not be able to make it to the gym (vacation, weather, etc.). That’s why the app has your program, video instructions, key pointers, easy to input user interface, and historical data, so you won’t have to let surprises take you away from the progress you are making with your coach.

“Before I was training at LPS, I wasn’t really doing anything. I would just go into the gym without a real plan and what I’m doing for my workout, but ever since I came here, I have a structure in my workout, and I know exactly what I’m doing and what I need to do to excel on the football field. Since being at LPS, I’ve noticed that I’ve been faster, definitely stronger, and my endurance level has gone up, and my overall physique changed.”

– Fabion Foote, Montreal Alouettes (CFL)



We are a quality first, results-driven organization. We will never sign on a client if they can’t commit. We will always stake our reputation above profits.

Our members have a growth mindset, they are focused and are not afraid to ask questions. They are encouraged to build confidence and leadership through given opportunities to make decisions.

Our coaches start their days earlier and continue to educate themselves daily by reading, researching, and practicing the science of strength and conditioning.


We understand movement is not necessarily progress. We are committed to practice daily and weekly habits to achieve a long term vision.

Our members just work. They don’t complain, they work. They know it ain’t easy, but nothing great ever is. They get back as much they they put in. Some spend hours in transit each day to train in order to achieve their dreams.

Our coaches hold themselves accountable, we track our progress weekly, we treat the facility like our homes, and you’ll never hear “This is not my job.”


Our first responsibility is to our community. Our second is to our team and family. And lastly, to our shareholders. Our fulfillment is in seeing our community succeed in life, not just in sports.

Our members knows there is more than just sports. It’s also about being a good human being. They give back by educating their peers, and future generations. They are mentors, and role models.

Our coaches often work 10+ hours a day without a thank you. They set up & promote opportunities to help cultivate strong, independent, and confident individuals.


We’re a community that respects hard work, not talent. We want everyone to be a better version of themselves week after week.

Our members pause to cheer on someone that is going for a personal best. They leave their ego at the door, and know that the facility is a safe place to share and grow with like-minded individuals.

Our coaches give respect to those who work hard. They are always learning, and they share that learning with each other to elevate everyone’s ability. They work together to give what’s best for the member.

Becoming Extraordinary is Not Easy.

Being average will take weeks, being good will take months, being great will take years, but being extraordinary will take a decade. Don’t waste years without this blueprint that will get you there.

“…The competitive atmosphere; You work out with guys who are as determined as you are, being the best athlete they can be. I tried training one year with my school and I regretted that decision and came back. Hard work becomes easy work on the ice.”

– Mark Friedman, Philadelphia Flyers


16-Year NBA veteran Mike Miller once said about LeBron James, “His body is his investment — Where a lot of people don’t do it, he puts a lot of money behind taking care of his body. A lot of people think it’s a big expense, but that big expense has allowed him to make a lot more money for a long period of time.”

LeBron James is one of the most physically dominant players in the league, but it doesn’t all come naturally. James is said to spend seven figures a year — with one report saying $1.5 million — to take care of his body. It’s all worth it for James, who shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

While in the NFL, New Bengals linebacker James Harrison treats his body as a temple. That’s why he spends close to $600,000 per year on it. James said, “Whatever there is that I need to do to try and make myself better or get myself healthy, I’m going to do it. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to say that I spend anywhere between $400,000 and $600,000 on bodywork, as far as taking care of my body, year-in and year out.”

Our ability to put everything you need all within our facility allows the LPS Superhuman Performance Program to start from $15,000 per off-season.

“Since training at LPS, baseball wise, I’ve felt a lot more flexible through defense, through my swing, my throwing arm has felt a lot of gains, a lot more effortless, better velocity with my throws, and overall, just felt like a more complete baseball player.”

– Malik Collymore, Cincinnati Reds Organization (MLB)


The Superhuman Performance Program starts at $15,000 per Off-Season.
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