Low Body Self Release with Jordon Querino, RMT


Hey, it’s Jordan here. We’re going to do a quick low body kind of self-release for one you’re training really hard, five, six, seven times a week. And we want to try and keep out of seeing a physio or massage, where it’s a quick little low body treatment to try and help you through the week.

With that, a lot of people that I find have a bit of an excessive anterior pelvic tilt. What can happen here is all the quads, hip flexors, get really tight and they shorten up to try and compensate there. And then the glutes get nice in weak. So we’re going to try and release those and release these, to help you get into more neutral position. And this will help your lifting.

So we’re going to start by the hip flexors. So we want to try and get on iliopsoas here. So we’re going to try and go just medial to the ASIS here. And we’re going to place the ball just down from that. So the ball placement is right there. So this is the first one we’re going to do. So we’re going to lay on the ball here in that nice form, just on your elbows here.

You are then going to find a nice tender spot right in there. You’re going to then bend your knee and extend your knee. A way to progress this is bend your knee, come into some external rotation and internal rotation. So we’re just trying to find that one spot. With all this self release stuff that I do, I like to stay on one particular spot and move the body around instead of rolling around too much. So once this spot kinda dissipates, I can roll around, find another tight spot and stay there. Again, focusing on moving the body and releasing into that, letting it just sink in and releasing it to that nice tissue there. So this is a great one. I feel like a lot of my athletes come in with tight hip flexors, a lot of pushing. All my desk workers come in tight hip flexors because it adaptively shortens to the seated position. So this is a good one for that.

The next one we’re going to do, is your TFL. So TFL, we’re going to try and attack the lateral side of your hip. So again, close to your hip flexor, connects to the IT, big strong muscle here. So we’re just going to place that ball there. We’re going to kind of come on a bit of an angle here. You want to have that left hip so that all the weight is pressing on that lateral aspect of the hip. And again, same thing. Bend the knee, internal, external rotation. Just let that ball find a nice tight spot and work it out. Now with all this self massage, I wouldn’t stay here for too long. It’s a good like one to two, maybe even three minutes each spot and then you move on to the next one. So it’s a good self released but it shouldn’t be like an hour long session. So again, that’s probably enough there. I’m going to roll around, find one other spot. Again, just move the body around and then we’re going to move on from there.

Okay, so that attack, this part, we’re going to now get into a bit of the groin. We’re going try and attack the adductors. A good one for that. Just kind of go where they all attach all through here. So I’m going to come onto my side, bring my hip up. My knee stays at 90. Place the ball there, and then I’m going to turn my other hips down. So now I’m creating a bit of tension down this way so I don’t need to any extra pressure. And again, same thing here, just doing some quick little extension of the knee there. This one is not going to feel very nice, but that’s okay. So it’s just nice and slow, work with your breathing, and you don’t have to be super intense about this, so you don’t need to focus on trying to get into that extension. Just feel what the body feels and kind of work through it yourself. So push a little bit further each time. But it has to be within your pain threshold. That’s a good one there.

We are now going to go into the posterior aspect of the leg. So we’re going to get into hammy’s. So you’re just going to sit on to any chair. This one will have to do. So we’re going to sit, going to place that ball on the lateral aspect of the hamstrings and get that bicep femme. And again, same thing. You’re going to extend and flex. Be nice if I had a little bit more room here, but this is just to show you guys the concept and then you guys can perform this anywhere, at a desk, on a chair. Just let that sink in. So again, we want to get into a bit more. I can accidentally rotate the knee there, find some nice tissue and really focus on kind of extension, activating that muscle and then fluxing it, getting the whole muscle fibers. So again, finding one more spot. Extension. Flexion. Just finding all that nice tissue there.

Okay. The last one we’re gonna do is we’re going to do the calves. So we can use that same sized softball and again, placing it on the lateral side as I find where most of the tension is. So just at the top there, we’re then going to add that extra weight on top. And again, we’re just going to move the body. So dorsiflexion, plantarflexion, ankle eversion, inversion, all that fun stuff. Just trying to get all the muscle tissue there.