Executive Personal Training in North York Success with Judith Montreuil

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Health brings freedom very few realize, until they no longer have it. The Intensive Training for Leaders is perfect for those who need to get into top physical and mental shape in a short period of time.

You get to choose to be stronger, more mobile, increased energy, lose fat, and more confident. If you were going to do it yourself, you would’ve done it already.

Be a part of community of like minded individuals that will never give up on you.

“To say that working with LPS is one of the best investments I’ve made is an understatement. This investment goes beyond the workout; it is an investment in myself that I know will pay off for years to come. It is my promise to my 65-year-old self that when we do meet, I will be as absolutely fabulous as the woman in that picture who so clearly reminded me what it was I was working toward.”

– Judith Montreuil, Justice of the Peace

Results-Proven System

When you train at LPS Athletic Centre, we leverage a system called the Athlete Activation System™ for leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, parents, firefighters, police, educators, etc.  The Athlete Activation System™ is an international certification and educational course that we teach coaches on the best methods to train for maximum results.

This system maximizes and taps into you potential by bringing out the inner-Athlete in you.

This system is so powerful that it produces life-changing effect.

Clance is one of the best strength coaches in Canada and definitely one of the best that I follow in regards to his training methods…

Josh Fontana TestimonialJosh Fontana, Strength Coach, Pure Strength Academy

…I played a lot of rugby so it’s my transition from an athlete to a coach and this is the best system in the business…

Alex Lauzon, Wrestler & Strength Coach

…of all the training seminars I’ve ever been to, this was certainly the one that earned the highest evaluation standards…

Louis Gagne TestimonialLouis Gagné, Kinesiologist & Strength Coach, Myoforma

Be a part of our exclusive community of 150 individuals unstoppable in the pursuit of their dreams.

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How Our Process Works


The consultation meeting is done over the phone or in person to see if we’re the right fit for you based on your survey application. A certified coach will go over your goals and results that you’re looking for. We answer any questions you have and explain our process and steps that we take.

Initial Assessment