Complete Optimization for Performance

LPS Health & Genetic Optimization is supported by our trusted partners, Enviromed. Together, we have researched, developed and designed a specialized program to help Elite Athletes & High-Level Executives achieve optimal Health resulting in:

Balanced Hormones
Sharper Mind
Strong Immune System
Reduced Stress
Faster Recovery
Deep & Restful Sleep

Designed Specially by LPS Athletic Centre for Elite Athletes and High-Level Executives That Want to Achieve Optimal Health




A thorough medical assessment is an important part of achieving optimal health, physical wellbeing, and peak mental performance. There can be many different factors that prevent proper function of your cells, resulting in poor cellular function and repair mechanisms pre and post workout – such as nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalances, sub-optimal metabolic function, poor sleep, and high stress, to name just a few.

In addition, we are constantly being bombarded with everyday toxins and chemicals that are hormone disruptors, immune suppressors, neurotoxins, and can significantly disrupt mitochondrial function – resulting in poor energy. As part of this comprehensive package, a naturopathic doctor will explore your unique medical history, diet, and lifestyle to determine which of these factors may be preventing you from achieving your optimal health and performance.


We start with General Blood Work Assessment which looks at your body’s metabolism, energy production, immune function, liver function, and nutrient deficiencies common in people. The tests selected here provide us with a solid baseline of your body’s basic function.

The Genetic & Specialized Lab tests provide a more focused and detailed assessment of your hormones, metabolic function, and gastrointestinal health (bacterial and yeast overgrowth). Salivary and urinary metabolites of sex hormones (testosterone, estrogens, etc.) are measured here, since they are a much better marker for subtle hormone imbalances than blood tests that are typically done. The OATs test also takes a detailed look at your metabolic cycles – carbohydrate metabolism (Krebs cycle) and fat and ketone usage.


Many high-performance individuals, both mentally and physically, from CEOs to athletes receive IV or IM nutrients on a regular basis. By bypassing the absorption limitations imposed by your gut and liver, IV nutrients and minerals are delivered directly to the bloodstream, resulting in super concentrated levels above what can ever be achieved orally (5-10x concentrations). Having such high levels achieved inside your cells results in a huge boost in metabolic and detoxification bio-chemical pathways.

Nutrients and minerals are important fuel sources used by cells for energy production and muscle repair as well. The IV treatments provided can improve recovery time, athletic performance, along with increased detoxification of toxicants. The series of IV treatments and B12 injections help jump-start your system and replenish any deficiencies you may have.

The LPS Heath & Genetic Optimization is built to assess & improve Nutritional & Metabolic Profiles, Sleep Hygiene & Quality, Exercise Recovery, Stress & Cortisol Support, and Achieve Optimal Hormone Levels.

Standard Assessments

  • Initial Health Assessment
  • General Blood Work
  • Genetic SNP Testing
  • 1 Follow-Up Appointment

SuperAthlete™ Performance

  • Everything from Standard Assessments PLUS:
  • Specialized Hormone Testing
  • (Sex Hormones, Cortisol Curve, Melatonin, DNA Oxidative Stress)
  • 8 IV Nutrient Treatments (8-16 Weeks)
Applicable Taxes (HST) not included in above prices.  Treatments are billed in full and performed at Enviromed’s Clinic.  A la Carte for different treatments are available upon request.