Lose Fat. Be Fit. Get Strong for Life.

Having more energy every day means that you can spend more time with family, friends, and/or better focus on your career.

These qualities such as strength, power, endurance ensure you have the physical capacity to take care of yourself so that you can take care of others around you.

In our Executive / Personal Training program in North York, we use methods that work on these key qualities daily, and the individuals with these unfair advantages will take control of their lives each and every day.

“To say that working with LPS is one of the best investments I’ve made is an understatement. This investment goes beyond the workout; it is an investment in myself that I know will pay off for years to come. It is my promise to my 65-year-old self that when we do meet, I will be as absolutely fabulous as the woman in that picture who so clearly reminded me what it was I was working toward.”

– Judith Montreuil, Justice of the Peace, Toronto (Read Story)


When you train at LPS Athletic Centre, we leverage a system called the Athlete Activation System™ for executives, mothers, fathers, firefighters, police, educators, managers, CEOs, etc.  The Athlete Activation System™ is an international certification and educational course that we teach strength coaches on the best methods to train for maximum results.

This system maximizes and taps into an individuals’ potential by activating higher threshold motor units.

This system is so powerful that it produces a steroid-like effect.

Clance is one of the best strength coaches in Canada and definitely one of the best that I follow in regards to his training methods…

Josh Fontana TestimonialJosh Fontana, Strength Coach, Pure Strength Academy

…I played a lot of rugby so it’s my transition from an athlete to a coach and this is the best system in the business…

Alex Lauzon, Wrestler & Strength Coach

…of all the training seminars I’ve ever been to, this was certainly the one that earned the highest evaluation standards…

Louis Gagne TestimonialLouis Gagné, Kinesiologist & Strength Coach, Myoforma

Be part of a community of 100+ other entrepreneurs, presidents, executives, managers, educators, mothers, and fathers that have had life changing results.



Elite Performance Coaching – With your individualized training program, you will be supervised at all times by a certified coach when you are training at our world re-owned gym in North York. We have an extremely high attention model which ensures proper technical execution of each exercise. We create an environment and culture for individuals to develop strong, independent, motivated, confident and giving characteristic traits.


The X Factor – We on purposely don’t have treadmills, stair climbers, or any of that gimmick you see in box gyms. Our system uses a results-driven methodology to achieve a combination of fat loss and strength building together in a safe environment. You’ll be training alongside athletes and other executives who are determined to get results. It’s not fancy, but it works.


Consistent Data Points – Our LPS SmartTrack™ app allows us to record your progress and interact with the community. Life happens, and we know sometimes you may not be able to make it to the gym (vacation, weather, etc.). That’s why the app has your program, video instructions, key pointers, easy to input user interface, and historical data, so you won’t have to let surprises take you away from the progress you are making with your coach.


Flexibility, Mobility, and Stability – Our program offers a unique and complementary approach to ensure that the individuals’ bodies are functioning properly and able to attain normal positions as well as physical positions required day to day, and even surprises. We take great care in developing the tissues of the body to handle the stresses you may encounter in life.


The Ethical Performance You Need – We test body compositions and hormonal profile bi-weekly or monthly, including the detections of performance enhancement usage. We are strict on using only ethical methods to get you to the physique you need to perform. Based on goals, we will prescribe ideal nutritional and supplement protocols.


Maximizing Potential – Using our BioSignature Assessment and Advanced Programming, we leverage the app to track and measure your progress every session, year after year. LPS team analyzes your data to ensure proper prescription of nutritional and training programs. We work closely with your physicians and specialists to get you the best results possible together.

4 Reasons for Less Cardio, and More Strength Training



We are a quality first, results-driven organization. We will never sign on a client if they can’t commit. We will always stake our reputation above profits.

Our members have a growth mindset, they are focused and are not afraid to ask questions. They are encouraged to build confidence and leadership through given opportunities to make decisions.

Our coaches start their days earlier and continue to educate themselves daily by reading, researching, and practicing the science of strength and conditioning.


We understand movement is not necessarily progress. We are committed to practice daily and weekly habits to achieve a long term vision.

Our members just work. They don’t complain, they work. They know it ain’t easy, but nothing great ever is. They get back as much they they put in. Some spend hours in transit each day to train in order to achieve their dreams.

Our coaches hold themselves accountable, we track our progress weekly, we treat the facility like our homes, and you’ll never hear “This is not my job.”


Our first responsibility is to our community. Our second is to our team and family. And lastly, to our shareholders. Our fulfillment is in seeing our community succeed in life, not just in sports.

Our members knows there is more than just sports. It’s also about being a good human being. They give back by educating their peers, and future generations. They are mentors, and role models.

Our coaches often work 10+ hours a day without a thank you. They set up & promote opportunities to help cultivate strong, independent, and confident individuals.


We’re a community that respects hard work, not talent. We want everyone to be a better version of themselves week after week.

Our members pause to cheer on someone that is going for a personal best. They leave their ego at the door, and know that the facility is a safe place to share and grow with like-minded individuals.

Our coaches give respect to those who work hard. They are always learning, and they share that learning with each other to elevate everyone’s ability. They work together to give what’s best for the member.



  • Personalized Programming
  • Supervised Coaching
  • Nutrition & Supplement Protocol
  • Stretching & BioSignature
  • Accountability Group


  • Personalized Programming
  • Supervised Coaching
  • Nutrition & Supplement Protocol
  • Stretching & BioSignature
  • Accountability Group


  • Personalized Programming
  • Supervised Coaching
  • Nutrition & Supplement Protocol
  • Stretching & BioSignature
  • Accountability Group

WARNING: This Executive Coaching & Personal Training Program in North York is intended for anyone who seriously wants results training alongside highly motivated competitive and professional athletes. This is not your typical Personal Training in your typical box gym. Hard work is required to achieve success. Side effects will include losing fat, gaining muscles, becoming stronger, jealousy from colleagues, and acquiring more energy in the day. Use at your own risk. 

Be part of a community of 100+ other individuals that have found success.

I’ve been training there for just over a year now and am in the best shape of my life. I blew my knee out (i.e. torn MLC) back in high school playing competitive basketball and have been stuck wearing a brace ever since. It wasn’t until after training at LPS, that I’ve been stronger and leaner than I’ve ever been … AND for the first time in over 10 years, I’ve been able to play without any sleeve or brace on my knee.

Personal Training Success with Tim De LeonTim De Leon, Executive

I have been training at LPS, and I felt great during that time. Trainers were amazing, energetic, and patient with my progress. I was able to see an improvement in my posture and stamina quite soon, which is great.

Aparna Natarajan Personal Training Executive ClientAparna Natarajan, Microsoft Canada

I’ve seen a lot of results. My clothes fit better. I’m not afraid to look in the mirror after just being a new mom, and I see more muscle definition coming in. The culture at LPS, I love it. Everybody’s welcoming but yet it’s still challenging. It forces you to push yourself because you’re working out with real athletes so it pushes you just to go that extra step and it’s the best workout that I’ve had in years.

LaToya Ward, Executive & Mother


8:30AM – 1PM
3PM – 8PM

8:30AM – 1PM
3PM – 8PM

8:30AM – 1PM
3PM – 8PM

8:30AM – 1PM

8:30AM – 1PM
4PM – 8PM

9AM – 2PM


Am I in group training?

No. You will have your own personalized program addressing your personal needs. You will be supervised by one of our certified coaches. While we do have other athletes/executives that may be training around the same time, this is deliberately planned because we have found this motivates the others to work hard as they see their counterpart, older or even younger individuals working hard consistently. This has proven to motivate and stimulate competition to elicit higher performance which equates to better results. In essence, we strive to have a hard-working culture in our facility.

How long are the training sessions?

Training sessions are between 45 mins to 1.5 hrs. Our training sessions are structured to give you superior results in a realistic time frame. So over the years, we developed a system in which delivers such results and figured out that a structure which drives the magnificent seven (7): Flexibility, Mobility, Stability, Dexterity, Power, Speed, and Strength all in the same session. And this typically takes anywhere from 45 mins to 1.5 hrs based on your fitness level and stage in the programming. If you are looking for a quick one-hour cardio workout just to fatigue you, then we are not for you.  Movement is not progress.

Can you really guarantee me results?

Yes. While we have a great track record of getting results for 100% of our clients, we can’t guarantee that it will be easy. We can guarantee is that you will possess more strength, power, burn more fat, and have more energy if you work hard consistently. Remember: Being average will take weeks, being good will take months, being great will take years, but being extraordinary will take decade(s). You will have a community of executives and athletes that will be around you to support you through this journey.  You are not alone.

Difference between Monthly vs Annual?

80%+ of our clients are on the Annual plan. We understand every executive is different between traveling, family commitments, and more, but we have found executives that commit to all year round coaching gets a greater return on investment. In our annual commitment, you’ll also get remote training protocols should you be traveling for a period of time. Frequent two-way communication with the coaches. Access to our online community where other professional peers share experiences to help mentor & inspire.

“The reason why I chose LPS is it’s very different. It’s very performance-based. I live a fast-paced, high-stress lifestyle. There’s something magical about the gym, when I come here, the energy, the people that you’re training with. It just changes the game. It changes my mental state. And my results has been ten-fold.”

– Brandon Farmer, Owner, Baro Restaurant (Video)


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