Brandon Farmer – Executive Personal Training Success Story

Brandon Farmer – Executive Personal Training Success Story

“Hi my name’s Brandon Farmer, I’m the the owner of Baro Restaurant in downtown Toronto.

Before LPS I was actually working out at GoodLife with a personal trainer provided by the gym.

The reason why I chose LPS is it’s very different. It’s very performance-based.

I live a fast-pace, high-stress lifestyle.

There’s something magical about the gym, when I come here, the energy, the people that you’re training with. It just changes the game. It changes my mental state.

And my results has been ten-fold.

Even little things as day-to-day back injuries and things that normally would have pain with are gone and on top of that, I just feel great and I’m better at my job and better at what I do.”

– Brandon Farmer, Co-owner of Baro Restaurant Toronto

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Coach, Instructor & International Speaker. Master Strength Coach Clance Laylor has emerged as one of the most respected names in professional strength and performance training for athletes. He has found success for hundreds of top Olympians, Competitive & Professional Athletes, Coaches, and Executives alike. Founder of LPS Athletic Centre and the Athlete Activation System Certification, Clance helps athletes dominate in their sport.